These 8 thrilling adventures in North India will get your adrenaline pumping!

Fasten your seat belts, adventure seekers! These top adventures across northern India will set your pulse racing and leave your heart aching for a thrilling expedition.

Be it off-roading through rugged, bucolic terrains or jumping off a cliff down into a silent valley—nothing quite beats the thrill of going on a new adventure. I, for one, am always on the lookout for offbeat, action-packed expeditions. Make indelible memories through these adventure holidays that will push you out of your comfort zone and let your explore the wonderland that northern India is.  

Skydiving in Narnaul, Haryana

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Diving right into the sunset! Image: Shutterstock/ Mauricio Graiki.

Imagine dropping out of a plane thousands of feet from the ground and free-falling, feeling lighter than a feather. Below you is a vast rolling landscape that spreads like a canvas of brown and green, and you hear nothing but your own heart beating in rhythm with the gushing wind. Skydiving isn’t for the faint-hearted, but if you manage to take the fall, it can be a life-altering experience.  

Try: SkyHigh India, the country’s only operational skydiving drop zone affiliated with the United States Parachuting Association (USPA), is located at the Narnaul strip in Haryana, two hours from Delhi. So far, it has pulled off over 1,000 civilian jumps.   

Snow leopard sighting in Ladakh 

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Snow leopards are elusive and difficult to spot and when you do spot one, consider it a matter of great luck. Image: Shutterstock/Koushik Bhattacharjee.

Safaris are passé. For the most elusive wildlife experience in India, visit Hemis National Park in Ladakh, where traversing the snow routes to spot the grey ghost can be an experience of a lifetime for you. Snow leopard sighting is best done in winter, when the shy wild cat comes down to the valley in search of prey.  

Try: Voygr’s Snow Leopard Expedition includes a guided tour of the national park with expert naturalists and photographers, the best equipment and a stay in luxury camps.  

River rafting in Tons River, Uttarakhand 

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White waters to churn up your adrenalin. Image: Shutterstock/Peppy Graphics.

The menacing Tons River rushing down from Bandar Poonch Glacier, is only meant to be traversed by brave-hearts. Experience the thrill of braving its raging rapids in a raft, navigating the deep gorges of Garhwal Himalayas and crossing obstacles ranging from mammoth boulders to bubbling whirlpool eddies.  

Try: Aquaterra Adventures has an eight-day rafting expedition in place, that takes you to the secluded Tons Valley and allows you to enjoy nature at its best.  

Paragliding in Bir, Himachal

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Paragliding gives you valley vistas from a different perspective. Image: Shutterstock/Nitish Waila.

If you wish to truly fulfill your fantasy of flying free, soaring slowly through open skies and enjoying a bird’s eye view of a breathtakingly beautiful valley, go paragliding in Bir. Smooth winds and clear skies are common here, making it the ideal destination for the thrilling activity.  

Try: TravelTriangle organises dedicated paragliding trips to Bir-Billing. You can opt for tandem flying and ask them to combine your paragliding adventure with trekking and camping options. 

Hot-air ballooning in Pushkar, Rajasthan  

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No wonder there’s ballooning interest in this adventure activity! Image: Shutterstock/Amit kg.

A sudden jerk lifts you up in the air, cold wind lashes at your face, and the world below starts to look smaller with every passing moment—although a soft adventure, hot air ballooning is magical. A ride in Pushkar means you get to soar and glide through the still morning air in a giant floating balloon, and sweep your gaze around rugged Aravallis, thick forests, and desertlands.  

Try: Plan your trip with Sky Waltz Balloon Safari that organises hot air balloon rides at various locations in Rajasthan, including Pushkar, Neemrana, Jaipur, and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.  

Cycling trail across Spiti Valley 

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You can’t soft-pedal this one! Image: Shutterstock/manavision.

Live the ultimate Himalayan road-trip dream, but with a twist. Explore Spiti, the endless, desolate moonscape, lined with remote Tibetan villages, centuries-old monasteries and mammoth mountains guarding rugged terrains that call for adventurous detours. 

Try: The Spiti cycling trip by Above 14000 Ft has an interesting itinerary in place that takes you from Manali to Kaza and back, via Chandratal, Kunzum La, Komic and Tabo. 

Heli skiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir 

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Psst… put this piste on your wishlist! Image: Shutterstock/Idrees Abbas.

Take your next ski trip a few notches higher. A short flight by ski-plane, followed by an incredible ski or snowboarding experience through untouched Himalayan powder makes a heli ski trip to Gulmarg a complete winter wonder. 

Try: Plan an all-inclusive three-day trip to Gulmarg Ski Resort with Ski Gulmarg that includes stay at selected hotels, meals, assistance of an expert ski guide and one night at a houseboat on Dal Lake. 

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

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You’ll fall for this! Image: Shutterstock/Salienko Evgenii.

Taking a leap of faith can take you to extraordinary places, literally. Especially, when you stand at the edge of a cantilever jutting out of a rocky cliff, with your arms wide open and feet tied to a rope, a million thoughts run through your bewildered mind and your heart tells you to back off. But once you manage to face your fear and jump, it will be nothing short of a dream!

Try: Jumpin Heights has built India’s highest bungee spot at 83 metres above Hiual River, Rishikesh, offering stunning vistas of the surrounding hills. 

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