India’s first all-vegan party and culinary destination is here

Located in South Bombay, The Green Affair is a haven for those looking to live it up in a healthy, vegan, yet delicious manner!
I might be getting tired of flowers at restaurants, but the green affair does it artfully enough that one doesn't mind.
I might be getting tired of flowers in restaurants, but The Green Affair does it artfully enough that one doesn’t mind.

“What if I want to have a pizza or a cocktail with my food when we step out? We had to pre-eat before going out,” says Diksha Mundra, one of the founders of The Green Affair.

A premium vegan restaurant located in Breach Candy, South Bombay, The Green Affair was born of the founders’ desire to party without having to compromise on veganism or clean eating. Helmed by Ankit and Diksha Mundra, the restaurant spans two floors including an indoor and rooftop area. What sets them apart is their evident commitment to sustainability, a 100% vegan food and signature bar menu, and serving up delicious European plus American fare. 

Their journey, like quite a few new restaurants, began in the pandemic. Ankit says, “We started making our own food, so we thought we could bring our recipes out for others to sample. A lot of our recipes [on The Green Affair menu] for dips such as vegan mayo, among others, are our homemade recipes.”

From bougainvilla-adorned interiors to almost 150 trials of different vegan cheeses that went into curating the menu, it’s clear the duo have created the restaurant from a place of passion. But how well does that translate into customer experience? 

On a weekday visit, you’ll find a rather quiet ambience juxtaposed against the lively interiors. However, this is also telling of the restaurant’s potential for hosting sundowners and other events, attracting primetime SoBo crowds. The staff on call is extremely courteous and well-informed, ready to suggest everything from drinks to tapas based on our flavour preferences. 

How delicious can a vegan burger look? Yes, says the green affair.
How delicious can a vegan burger look? This delicious (check the photograph above!).

We kick start the meal with some Barbeque Vegan Paneer. While I’m usually skeptical of paneer being an easy win for vegetarian establishments, our server really pushed the deliciousness parametre of this one. And I’m happy to report it was nice, crunchy, and above all — mercifully not too sweet. Paneer Sicilian, on the other hand, was reminiscent of Indo-Chinese style Chilli Paneer, and decent at best.

Other appetisers we sampled included the Baby Brinjal, which had vibrant flavours and Truffled Mushroom Bruschetta, which was textbook quality. At reviews, I love picking out dishes that win the meal for me, and at The Green Affair it was undoubtedly the Filo Parcel. A bite into the wanton-like texture oozes out spinach, corn, and cream, making this a dish you can’t afford to miss!

For any vegan restaurant serving mock meat, there’s a fine line between not wanting to alienate the non-vegetarian diner whilst still pleasing plant-based eaters. The mock meat here, unfortunately, serves neither. The skewers were dense to say the least, redeemed in the slightest by the quinoa. The pepper skewers tasted like really tough, overcooked meat, but the flavours were quite good.

I suppose my biggest gripe was with the Beets, a dish presented in a rather strange and inconvenient manner. While it’s extremely tasty, with sweet and sour notes as well as a crunchy texture, the manner of presentation is rather off-putting.

If the tapas curated by Head Chef Rakesh Manchandani isn’t enough, diners can proceed to mains such as the Jackfruit Crepe, Sri Lankan curry, Asian bowl Prawns, Tofu Cream with Sticky Rice among other things. 

The cornerstone of The Green Affair, however, is fittingly their 100% vegan bar menu. Putting the party in the restaurant, their certified signature curations easily merit a visit.

The thick chick is one of several specialty vegan cocktails you'll find at the green affair. Be warned, it's extremely delicious and highly addictive.
The Thick Chick is one of several specialty vegan cocktails you’ll find at The Green Affair. Be warned, it’s extremely delicious and highly addictive.

“It took three months to get it all done. We wanted to remove Monin completely from the bar menu. In the process of fermenting our own ginger ale, we wanted an exclusive cocktail experience. It took a lot of time with the prep, recipes, trials, so on and so forth,” explains Ankit. 

The efforts have certainly paid off, and guests can indulge in vegan versions of classic cocktails such as Whiskey Sour, Old Fashion, Bloody Mary, and more. Then there’s The Green Affair’s specially crafted natural cocktails, of course. From the Japanese Mary — a twist on Bloody Mary with Thai & Japanese spice to Spice La Pina, a white rum-infused jalapeno shaken with fresh pineapple juice and served with hibiscus float, there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on here. 

There’s also Raichi Wasabi, made with an inhouse galangal syrup, wasabi, litchi and gin, as well as the delicious Thick Chick, made with a tamarind puree and whiskey, finished with cinnamon smoke. The Green Affair also makes its Baileys in-house, and the wine curation is also synonymous with the vegan philosophies of the restaurant.

Desserts here are pretty good too, and one definitely shouldn’t miss out on the Panna Cotta and Custard Apple Tart. 

While the mediocre mock meat and flower-laden ambience are personal pet peeves, one certainly can’t deny The Green Affair’s significance as a long overdue party destination for vegans. 

“We had to convince our own team and people from the industry to back a 100% vegan project because of the commercials involved,” says the founders. But they made it happen, and Mumbai’s culinary/party scene is all the better for it.

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (Max: 5 stars)

Food: 7/10

Drinks: 7/10

Service: 8/10

Interiors/Décor: 5/10

Vibe: 7/10

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