Chef Veena Arora on everything you need to know about Thai food

Thai cuisine is complex and goes beyond curries and stir fries. Chef Veena Arora, Chef de Cuisine of The Spice Route restaurant at The Imperial New Delhi, spills the beans 

In Thailand there is a saying: “If you do not sweat while eating and your nose doesn’t flow, that means the food is not so tasty.” However, this does not mean that Thai food is spicy across the country. Chef Veena Arora, Chef De Cuisine of The Spice Route restaurant at The Imperial New Delhi tells us about these differences and much more in this interview. 

Chef Veena grew up in Phatthalung in South Thailand and has fond memories of eating traditional Thai food sitting on the floor, just the way it is eaten at most homes even now. She also tells us that there are no courses in Thai food; be it a soup, salad or main course, everything is eaten together. Also, snacking is not part of Thai culture. Every two-three hours, the Thai eat food but not snacks, opting for noodles or noodle soup on the street or stir-fried noodles. 

There’s more to Thai curries than red and green. Also, jasmine rice does not come from the jasmine flower. Get to know all these secrets and more in this candid interview with Chef Veena.

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