Indian travellers are unstoppable, finds survey

Almost three in five Indians (58%) plan to take one to three vacations per year.

It’s time for travel curators to craft new experiences as travel optimism is back in 2022. After months of lockdowns and curfews, Indians are yearning to travel once again.

Agoda’s ‘India-genous Travel’ survey reveals that 68% of Indians plan to travel domestically in 2022, with over a fifth (21%) anticipating travelling domestically within one month of restrictions easing.

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About 68% of Indians plan to travel within the country in 2022, finds Agoda’s ‘India-genous Travel’ survey.

The survey revealed that almost three in five Indians (58%) plan to take one to three vacations per year, followed by one in 10 planning to take four to six vacations.  

“Indian travellers are unstoppable in their desire to travel again, with almost half planning to take the same or more annual trips than prior to the pandemic. Quick and easy getaways in the city or along the coast will provide the spontaneity that people are looking for post lockdown,” says Krishna Rathi, Country Director – India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, Agoda.

“Our hard-hit hospitality industry is welcoming back travellers and providing amazing deals including Agoda special offers, which offers value-add incentives, including spa packages, F&B deals, or room upgrades,” he says.

Agoda’s ‘India-geneous Travel’ survey is part of Agoda’s “India-genous” campaign, a digital initiative to promote domestic travel across India. 

Agoda launched the campaign, by working with leading national and regional influencers to create content to spotlight great places to go and stay across India. The influencer campaign, which ran from September to December, reached over 14 million followers and showcased things to do and places to stay in Kolkata, Pondicherry, Jaipur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Coorg, Goa, Mysore, Ooty, Manali, Gangtok, and Hyderabad.

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