How Anju Srivastava put the ‘Win’ in Wingreens

Wingreens’ products are a celebration of nature. Today, the brand employs over 1,000 staff, many of whom are women.

Finding success starts with finding your purpose. More often than not, business owners realize the power of purpose much later in life — decades after being trapped in the superficial web of monetary gains and meaningless strategies.

This wasn’t the case with Anju Srivastava, Founder of Wingreens Farms (now rebranded as Wingreens World). Srivastava was one of those rare entrepreneurs who was enlightened at an early age. Right from her school days, she was drawn to deep, humanistic, and spiritual ideologies.

Anju Srivastava, Founder of Wingreens Farms.

“I studied in a Catholic school. I grew up among the nuns. I imbibed knowledge not just from The Bible, but also from the Vedas, the Quran, and the Buddhist philosophies of life. All these holy texts convey one core message: That all men are born equal. All human beings have equal potential. Putting in your effort and being of service to the world is what makes all the difference” she tells TravelDine.

The wisdom from these holy texts is what’s guiding brand Wingreens from success to significance.

For instance, the brand’s goal is not just to offer farmers a livelihood, but also to help them realize their true potential. Rather than growing wheat or mustard, farmers working with Wingreens are educated and encouraged to grow exotic herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme, and oregano, which are more profitable.

“Why should a farmer be growing mustard and wheat 20Km from a metro city? The land is valuable, so he should grow something more valuable on it,” says Srivastava.

Strangely, Wingreens, a company funded by Sequoia Capital, does not own a farm.

“Even today we don’t have our own land. The principle behind it is that we wanted to make a difference in the field of farming by creating different models and sharing unique ideas with farmers on what more they could do by creating new markets. If it’s our own farmland, it will merely lead us to temptation. Our goal is to inspire. Our goal is to empower,” says Srivastava.

Almost all of Wingreen products are a celebration of nature.

The true win for Wingreens lies in the empowerment of women.

“The ‘Win’ in Wingreens stands for Women’s Initiative Network. We started working with underprivileged women who were not allowed to step out of their veils. We taught them how to start processing fresh produce from the farm. That led to the creation of fresh dips, which was the starting point of our journey in bringing fresher, healthier, and tastier food products to consumers. With the love and support we got from consumers, our product range and presence has grown to where we are today,” she says.

Today, brand Wingreens employs over 1,000 staff, many of whom are women. Even when hiring for a city, Wingreens does not stress on formal education or certifications.

“We don’t ask for certificates. We employ people as long as they are trainable. Our goal is to give an opportunity, and then it’s up to the person to really work. We were not going to make certificates the basis of every placement,” she says.

Wingreens has a whole range of organic produce in its portfolio. Popular among the consumers are freshly squeezed juices, coconut water and almond milk from Raw Pressery, fresh dips, sauces, and baked chips from Wingreens Farms and Saucery, apple cider vinegar, cold pressed oils, seeds, etc from Organik Country, muesli, granola and nutri-bars from Monsoon Harvest and many more products that are on their way.

“Almost all our products are a celebration of nature. They are minimally processed and bring out the natural qualities of nature’s bounty. We simply find a way of taking them to the consumer as close to what nature intended. We are mindful of the fact that our products are essentially manufactured by nature. For instance, a coconut tree can take several years to produce its first coconuts. Our job is to simply reach it in as natural a form to the people. Each member of our team is involved in this process and hence are playing their part in the appreciation of nature and life,” says Srivastava.

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