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Homegrown Brands

In conversationg with craft beer beeyoung's founder

How Abhinav Jindal gave India its first craft strong beer

Tapping into the craft strong beer segment hasn’t been the easiest journey. But for beer enthusiast Abhinav Jindal, it’s always been about taking on challenges and delivering quality products. Homegrown brands continue…

Ekyaam alphonso mango brand

Ekyaam: One aam to rule them all

The coming together of over 2,000 alphonso mango farmers from the Konkan region under one common brand — Ekyaam — could prove to be a game changer in marketing alphonso mangoes globally.…

Satiwa is the latest entrant on the gin scene in goa

Goa’s newest gin promises a happy high

Satiwa is a London Dry gin with hemp as one of its key botanicals. There’s no denying that gin is still enjoying its time in the sun. There are exclusive gin events…

Bolognese with tempayy? Why not?

Mumbai, say Hello Tempayy!

Vegetarianism isn’t boring, and Hello Tempayy’s finally made its way to Mumbai, Maharashtra to set that record straight. Paneer in every colour of gravy possible can get boring after a while. For…

Samosa party

It’s not a party without samosas from Samosa Party

Samosa Party wants to make samosas fresh, crisp and consistent while innovating with the fillings. And it wants to take them to the world. While for some the very idea of innovation…

Naviluna artisan chocolate

Naviluna Artisan Chocolate celebrates local terroir

Naviluna Artisan Chocolate in Mysuru uses organically certified cacao beans grown across farms in South India to create a brand that celebrates local terroir. For the longest time, I associated Mysuru with…


How Anju Srivastava put the ‘Win’ in Wingreens

Wingreens’ products are a celebration of nature. Today, the brand employs over 1,000 staff, many of whom are women. Finding success starts with finding your purpose. More often than not, business owners…

Paul and mike vikas temani

Paul & Mike’s Vikas Temani on tackling the provenance paradox

Paul and Mike is the first Indian company to bag a silver at the International Chocolate Awards 2021. Chocolate is the ultimate luxury. The Aztecs used it as currency. The Mayans called it the drink of gods.…

Kashmir rare

Homegrown gourmet brands we love: Kashmir Rare

Less than a year old, but Kashmir Rare is already making a mark in the world of Indian gourmet brands, with its authentic and organic produce.

True elements products

Green brands: True to their Elements

Pune-based True Elements is one of the first brands to effectively reduce its carbon footprint and is recharting the ethos of homegrown sustainable food businesses.

Gin and tonic

7 Indian gins to watch out for

The current central government’s clarion call of #vocalforlocal hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with many gin makers using unique, locally-sourced ingredients such as tea, Gondhoraj lime, hemp and even tulsi.