Want to take off in style? Here’s our guide to creating the perfect airport looks

The trend of ‘airport looks’ is the intersection where travel meets fashion. And we are here to tell how you can master the art.

When it comes to airport fashion, everyone decides for themselves. To some, their favourite set of pyjamas, Uggs, and a comfy eye mask is the best they can do for a trip to the airport. To others, boarding a flight even as early as five in the morning is a chance to get all glammed up! If you are the latter, chances are you plan your airport look in your head days before you start planning a vacation and your Insta feed and phone’s gallery (just like us) are full of reference photos from the latest celebrity fashion for inspiration.

Airport looks
Turn airport into runway as you walk up the aisle in style. Image: Shutterstock/Yaroslav Astakhov.

Well, we don’t blame you. Glam airport outfits are all the more rage, especially now that the destinations around the world are reopening again and vacation-deprived travellers are finally getting to board flights after a dry spell that lasted almost two years. But mind you, the trend isn’t new. Airport looks have been a thing since 1950s when mid-century celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were making glamorous travel a casual affair, and In India, Nigar Sultana and Vijayantimala were raising the bar in their elegant sarees paired with chic sunglasses during their airport trips.

While celebrities are still (and dare I say, even more so) treating terminals like runways, over the years, airport fashion has evolved immensely, just like any other trend that survives the test of time. If you are still in two minds on what to wear as you check in for your next vacation, sit tight. Here, we bring you the latest outfits in vogue, celebrity picks for inspiration, and tips to nail your airport look!

Perfect your airport looks this season!

Remember all those times when Rihanna paired her high-heeled pumps with glamorous outfits to board her private jet at midnight, and the world couldn’t stop gushing about it? As much as we love fashion elites giving such swanky upgrades to airport styles, let’s face it, it is hard to follow suit and fill (quite, literally in this case) RiRi’s shoes.

Airport looks
A waist belt bag is useful and oh-so-trendy! Image: Shutterstock/Lia Kos.

Well, good news for us because the norms are changing for good. The new found appreciation for comfortable apparel has pointed the world in the direction of realistic airport fashion. People are now prioritising comfort and mixing the latest celebrity styles with personal touches to create sartorially-hit travel outfits. This is because long-haul flights require comfortable wardrobe-essentials. It doesn’t hurt to glam them a bit, though. Hence, enter trends like matching sets, oversize jackets, pointed boots, and more.

Matching knitted co-ords are topping the list this season. Knit, long-sleeved crop top with matching pants or skirt in a cool colour, pattern, or print is a great option if you wish to keep it chic and simple. Pair it with a comfortable pair of slides or sneakers and you are good to go. Fresh versions like elevated loungewear, quilted waist belt bags, and athletic shorts are also making rounds both on the internet and aisles. Travelling for a business meet? You can opt for a fitted trench coat with an elegant organza saree or with a silk blouse and flowy wide-leg trousers, open-toed mules, and a tote of choice. Men can never go wrong with casual attires such as a sweatshirt or pullover with slouchy pants or oversize jacket, baggy jeans, and sneakers. Also, never underestimate the power of a classic leather blazer — airports are always notoriously chilly, and it is a good idea to put together a look with versatile layers. Say yes to fun patterns and monochromes.

Airport looks
Layer it up! Image: Shutterstock/Creative Lab.

Celeb inspo!

Who better to look to for inspiration than the Hollywood elites and B-Town fashion icons who are constantly jet-setting! Big airports frequented by celebrities are always swarming with paparazzi, and it’s only understandable that they look polished and well put together at all times.

For the most comfortable yet chic travel outfit inspiration, we vouch for the outfits picked by Angelina Jolie, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber! While Jolie’s trench coats and flared pants are always a hit, Hadid and Bieber know how to pull off almost everything from an oversize button-down, turtlenecks, and chunky boots. Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been setting new standards by sporting her boss-lady suits at airports for years now.

Closer home, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt always know how to land a ten on ten when it comes to airport looks for women. From flaunting denim-on-denim looks and graphic sweatshirts with cycling shorts to sporting neon separates and textured leather pants, they have been inspiring us all to shop key pieces that can replicate their iconic looks. Trust Kareena Kapoor Khan to effortlessly sport breezy kaftans, funky t-shirts, and embroidered kurtas at airports. Anushka Sharma is known for her quirky jackets, clean pulled-back hair, and sunnies. When it comes to men’s style, we absolutely almost everything Harry Styles wears on the move — think tailored layers, velvet pants, cropped jackets and more! Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana don’t shy away from experiments, often sporting unconventional print-on-prints, bright Jordans, quirky Gucci tracksuits, and even slings!

Tips and tricks

Now, how exactly do you put together a comfortable and chic airport outfit? A simple answer to the big question is: Find your style and channel your inner fashion spirit. Before you put together your outfit, ask yourself what will you be most comfortable in, and how do you plan to align it with your style. You can start with the basics — a plain white Tee, a cool pair of shades, loose boyfriend jeans or paperboy pants, and an asymmetrical bag to give your look an edge. You can even go for flared pants. The point is, the comfier the pants, the better you will feel and look during your trip.

Airport looks
If you wish to wear heels to the airport, pair them with flared pants and keep a pair of slip-ons handy for the flight! Image: Shutterstock/Sabelnikova Olga.

Since the winter is coming, pick a hooded jacket, a cropped knit sweater in a pastel shade, or an oversize coat to layer it up. But remember to keep layers that are lightweight and easily removable in case you are travelling to some place warmer. Keeping sunglasses, scarves and hats are always a good idea. Wish to flaunt your newest pair of heels? Here’s a celebrity hack: Carry slip-on in your cabin handbag and swap them with the heels you’re wearing as soon as you get on the plane!

Avoid chunky jewellery, brand new leather heels or boots (you don’t want to end up with stiletto blisters!), and tricky onesies and rompers. Denims, wrinkle-prone dresses, and fresh pieces of cloth that you have never worn before also fall in the risk zone as you wouldn’t wish to be stuck on a 12-hour flight in something that makes your skin itch! But whatever you wear, remember to carry a face mask complimenting your outfit, because safety, as they say, can never go out of style.

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