Post-lockdown trip on the cards? Don’t go without these uber cool travel essentials!

From skin-saving beauty must-haves to gadgets on the go–we have rounded up a list of some travel essentials for your carry-on bag. 

Be it a weekend road trip to a destination nearby or a week-long leisurely staycation planned overseas, we all deserve a vacation—more so right now than ever before. New rules mean a new way to travel, and that applies to your travel accessories too. Here’s a rundown of some staples you wouldn’t want to travel without on your first trip post lockdown! 

Travel essentials
Travel essentials vary from person to person. But there are a few that are must-carries these days. Image: Shutterstock/Kudla.

Mask chains  

The face mask has turned into our second skin, especially while travelling when you are expected to wear it almost for the entirety of the journey, except for the security checks and meals. Keep a mask chain handy that will make it convenient for you to take it on and off whenever required without having to touch it too frequently or shove it in your cluttered handbag or pocket each time. In fact, a trendy mask chain will only add to your look. Don’t forget to stash a back-up mask inside a small mask pouch.  

Try: Second Wind White Chunky Chain  is a chic, detachable option. 

Sanitiser kit 

Hand sanitisers need not be a messy carry-along business anymore. From cute travel-size bottles to funky holders in the form of personalised leather covers—the stores are filled with sanitiser accessories these days (no kidding!). Better yet, carry a separate pouch with your hand sanitiser neatly packed in place, making sure you are never without it.  

Try: Aesop Adventurer Roll Up comes with a fabric case, a hand mist, a hand wash gel, and a moisturising hand cream. 

Brass key 

Opening restaurant doors, pushing elevator buttons or entering your pin on a card reader while shopping—a tiny key can do a lot more than you’d credit it for. No kidding, the latest trend is to keep a ‘no touch’ brass key handy when you step out and are in no mood to sanitise your hand a million times!

Try: Sani Key is a chic, anti-microbial no-touch option made of 100 per cent brass.

On-the-go skincare kit

It isn’t just you, your skin needs a vacation, too. All that tramping around the globe can cause serious damage to your skin, especially because vacations are when the skincare routine takes a backseat and cheating on the diet becomes an all-time event. Forget those chunky bottles of moisturisers and serums, and simply pick a compact travel skincare kit that suits your skin. The best part? You can carry out your skincare routine during your free time on a flight so breakouts, dullness and stubborn tans don’t stand in your way!

Try: Nude and Improved Kit by Patchology comes with two sheet masks, two eye gels, a hydrating lip gel, and a pouch of facial cleansing wipes.

Travel mug

For many of us, performing simple tasks (let alone boarding an early flight!) without our morning dose of caffeine is a mission impossible. But fret not coffeeheads, we hear you. Do yourself a favour and get a travel-friendly tumbler that lets you fill up at your fave cafe after security check and sip on your hot cuppa in peace while you’re waiting at the boarding gate or even on the flight. Pick up a stainless steel straw and one of those bamboo cutlery sets to save the environment while you’re saving your sanity.

Try: The ‘Drynk’ travel mugs and tumblers by Vaya keep your drink hot for upto 12 hours!

Travel wallet

With the number of documents required at the airports multiplying by the day these days (think passport, visa, boarding pass, vaccination certificate, RT-PCR results and what not!), it’s quite possible to forget or lose some if you aren’t careful enough. Organise all these documents and your cash in one safe space by placing them in dedicated compartments of your travel wallet. Stash it in your bag and you are good to go.

Try: The sleek, modern Ducorium Travel Mate by Lapis Bard is all you need for all your travel documents.

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