5 vineyards in India for a happily buzzed staycation

Every hour is a happy hour at these lush vineyards in India!

Vineyards in india
Fancy a vineyard tour? Image: Shutterstock/Zoom Team.

It’s wine o’clock! From taking a long, leisurely tour of the vineyard to delicious wine-tasting and fun grape stomping sessions, nothing beats wine staycations when it comes to having immersive experiences. But you don’t need to fly all the way to Bordeaux or La Rioja to stoke your wanderlust and oenophilia. Closer home, these vineyard resorts in India’s the Western Ghats are no less than dream destinations for wine connoisseurs.

5 best vineyard stay in India

Sula vineyards resort, Nashik

Vineyards in india
Sula is known for its wide range of artisanal wines. Image: Courtesy of Sula Vineyards.

Sula is probably the first name that strikes when we think of Indian heritage wines. Strongly committed to sustainable winery practices, the picturesque Sula Vineyards in Nashik—well-known for growing the best table grapes in the country—is designed to give you an all-immersive experience of winemaking. Along with a wide range of artisanal wines, the retreat offers two stunning stay options. The suites and treehouses at The Source by Sula is ideal for an intimate vacation for two, while Beyond by Sula has Sky and Lake villas with panoramic views of the rolling vines and the serene waters of Gangapur Lake dotted by the Western Ghats. Arrive here for its infinity pools, cycling vineyard tours, spa therapies, and of course, the famous Sula Fest! Starts from INR 8,498 for two.

Four Seasons Vineyard, Baramati

Vineyards in india
Four Seasons Vineyard offers a luxe stay. Image: Courtesy of Four Seasons Vineyard.

Straight out of a postcard, Four Seasons Vineyard is meant for the time when you wish to spend your days sipping on wines with velvety notes and interesting bouquets, amid luxury and sophistication. Nestled away in Baramati, a town that falls in the outskirts of Pune, the French-inspired chateau stands tall amid sprawling vineyards in a 50-acre expanse. The award-winning winery boasts four suites, a pool, a spa, and a party deck on the terrace overlooking the breathtaking Sahyadri valley. Go on vineyard trails, let the restaurant here pair your food with a delicious glass of red, white, or rosé to sip on, and find your pick at the wine boutique to take back home. Price on request.

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Fratelli Wines, Solapur

Vineyards in india
Explore the endless rows of vines at Fratelli’s resort. Image: Courtesy of Fratelli Wines.

Nestled in a gorgeous vineyard estate in Solapur’s Akluj region, is the Fratelli Wines harbour, offering a peaceful escape from the city’s clamour. While its Fratelli Sette Reserve Red is considered one of the finest reds produced in India, the brand’s resort has a lot to offer, as well. Visit the state-of-the-art cellars to sip on various vintage picks, enjoy authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, cycle through endless rows of vines in the heart of 240 acres of lushness, and wine and dine on a machan as you watch feast your eyes on a breathtaking sunset. Bliss! Starts from INR 7,000 for two; you can even book the vineyard for three days for eight people.

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Vallonné Vineyards, Nashik

Vineyards in india
Try grape stomping at Vallonné! Image: Courtesy of Vallonné Vineyards.

The boutique resort of Vallonné Vineyards is everything you can dream of, in a wine staycation. Set beside the serene Mukhne Lake in the quaint Igatpuri countryside, the retreat is home to four rooms tastefully done with vintage furniture, hand-crafted upholstery, and aesthetic artifacts. Go on a complete detox (rooms here don’t have a TV and the staff urges guests to take a break from the digital world!), get a glimpse of the rural life in nearby Kavnai village, and know all about your favourite bottle from expert winemakers during four-hour tour. Wrap it up with a satiating meal at Malaka Spice, its lake-facing Southeast Asian restaurant. Starts from INR 5,357 for two.

Soma Vine Village, Gangapur

Vineyards in india
The unique barrel stay at Soma Vine Village. Image: Courtesy of Soma Vine Village.

Snuggled along the edge of the breathtaking Gangapur Dam, Soma Vine Village recently launched a unique stay option—its 2,500-square-feet wooden barrel! With bright upholstery, pastel walls, cosy bed, and a minibar, it promises uninterrupted views of the lush vines. Once done tasting delicious wines and learning about the process, explore the region’s many thrilling activities at Zonker’s Adventure Park and unwind in your private pool. Starts from INR 10,324 for two. 

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