Jolie’s is Mumbai’s premium gateway lounge to luxury

The members-only luxury club, Jolie’s is all about breaking boundaries both in terms of its architecture and experiences offered.
Fuma, a cigar lounge hidden away in the many transformative zones at jolie's is just one of several sanctuaries for relaxed conversation
FUMA, a cigar lounge hidden away in the many transformative zones at Jolie’s is just one of several sanctuaries for relaxed conversation.

Featuring nine different transformative zones, Jolie’s is an eclectic sanctuary with a focus on finding your off-centre. Sprawling over 20,000 square feet in the heart of Bombay at Worli, it’s a haven of revelry and leisure for members. 

The three founding pillars of Jolie’s are in a sentence, to inspire, explore and express. The referral/invitation only membership seeks to draw a community of diverse achievers with compelling individuality. Essentially, a global mindset that’s culturally curious and looking for ways to engage with the world.

Founded by the scion of Aditya Birla Group, Aryaman Birla, Jolie’s is a first of its kind super exclusive members’ only club in Mumbai. Comparable to the best in the world, here is a space where you can partake in activities to suit an array of moods, or even find solitude in the business centre. 

Entitled 'the jungaloos', even the bathrooms at jolie's have a distinctive personality of their own, making for engaging topics.
Entitled ‘The Jungaloos’, even the bathrooms at Jolie’s have a distinctive personality of their own, making for engaging topics.

The hedonism at Jolie’s only intensifies as you go deeper within. Starting with Tickle, a lobby transformed to create a space for delicious small plates and carefree chats, it takes but a few steps in any direction for a completely different ambience. The nine spaces have been planned for entertaining, art, music, cultural events and drinking & dining. So you’ll find exceptional performances at The Seen, a night of merriment at The Big Top, a quaint cigar lounge at Fuma, and even a paradise for your pets at the Canary’s Campus among several hidden nooks and crannies. The architecture has been creatively shaped to efficiently utilize each space, creating an atmosphere to indulge all aspects of your premium personality.

At the time of my visit to Jolie’s, I was privy to an event entitled ‘Girl’s Night Out’ or ‘Whiskey & Women – with Asia’s only female Mentalist, Dr Kruti Parekh. An extension of Tickle, The Seen pivots on performance and can be reserved for private parties and cultural showcases including art, theatre and music. It was an intimate yet informative evening of whiskey tastings with Chivas, followed up by the most scintillating performance by Dr Parekh. If this event is any indication, The Seen is clearly the place to be for events at the nexus of intrigue and grandeur. 

Art for Jolie’s isn’t just decorative, evident at The Seen and at every step of the way in the club. The fun pieces are a collaborative experience with The Designera, an art and design company founded by Amrita Deora. Each space is dotted with sculptures and sophisticated yet quirky art, the latter being up for sale.

In the mood for golf? At the canary's campus, jolie's offers members the chance to play right in the heart of mumbai!
In the mood for golf? At The Canary’s Campus, Jolie’s offers members the chance to play right in the heart of Mumbai!

Through the art, Jolie’s takes members on a journey that truly embodies the spirit of the space and its people. The art is not limited by any medium, texture or colour, encompassing everything from contemporary art installations and sculptures to paintings, giclee prints, and our exclusive olfactory art: scentorial art. 

In a summary that might not do justice to the poetic nature of the place, Jolie’s is a place for conversations, culture, and experiences that dare to push the envelope further. Here is where those looking for the aristocratic luxuries in life will thrive, engulfed by substantial content to fuel entire days and nights. It’s in the exclusive nature of the club, and diligent attention to detail that this luxury club truly shines.

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