Saransh Goila sets up food delivery platform for Covid affected

A non-profit initiative by Chef Saransh Goila and tech company Fastor connects home chefs, tiffin services and other food providers with Covid affected across more than 20 Indian states.

Even as India struggles against rising cases, more and more citizens are stepping up to help. Chef Saransh Goila initially started with a plan to simply put together in one place, home chef resources for the Covid affected. He created a Google spreadsheet with details of home chefs, food providers, tiffin services and restaurants sourced from various social media platforms. It included contributions from volunteers who had created regional lists for such services.

A tech entity Fastor has helped digitise the entire initiative by creating a platform for both food suppliers and Covid affected. While the list initially focused on larger cities such as Mumbai and Delhi, it is now has information on resources across 24 states, with regular updates being made to it daily. The platform has also found endorsement and amplification from celebrities.

Goila said, “I believe there is hope in this list, there is life. After all, food is life, isn’t it? Having guzzled down cups of coffee with my tongue out, I must admit this is the most precious excel sheet I’ve worked on in my life (and I’ve worked on many as an entrepreneur/chef). It’s not been easy to read messages where kids are looking for meals for parents who are stuck without help or kids who are stuck alone and don’t know how to recover solo or an entire family looking for food providers to meet their needs. Someone has diabetes and as a Covid patient wants their meals tailored to help them out. I could go on with stories but what I’ve realized is that for every person who wants help one person is reaching out to help.”

If you’re interested in registering as a food provider or are Covid affected and want to find the closest services, visit

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