CoviFeedIndia easing access to meals for Covid-hit families

The location-based discovery platform was launched in mid-April and has already received overwhelming response from food providers and volunteers.

Last year, when the first wave of the pandemic struck the country, more than half of all households across 24 states and two Union Territories managed only two meals a day. Not only was this an indicator of a lack of access to basic food supplies but also impeded recovery processes that are aided by proper nutrition. This year, with the second wave battering India’s healthcare systems, a few have come together to provide relief to families affected by the pandemic. A new volunteer service CoviFeedIndia is looking to provide home-cooked meals to families affected by Covid-19 through a location-based discovery platform.

Sakshi Aggarwal, Head, Consumer and Market Intelligence, General Mills India Centre is the woman behind the innovative concept. “This is a tech-based volunteer initiative to connect COVID-impacted families and others who may find it hard to cook with the restrictions imposed by the authorities due to the rising cases. The second wave of the pandemic is hurting us all. If one family member falls sick, their home has to be quarantined. For affected families, cooking their daily meals at home becomes a real challenge. With our hospitals choked, we need to enable home recoveries,” says Aggarwal.

The CoviFeedIndia platform went live in the middle of April and has so far received encouraging response from home-food providers and volunteers, as well as families affected by Covid. Aggarwal is also currently in the process of collaborating with sRide, a mobility app and MapmyIndia to leverage the platform for geo-location-based peer-to-peer solutions to make access to meals across the country faster and easier.

For more information on the service or to register yourself as a food provider, visit

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