Flax is a delicious pit stop on the road to healthy eating

When in Mumbai with healthy eating on your mind, Flax is easily your best option!
The vegetarian kimchi korean bowl is a great option for clean eating and veggie lovers at flax!
The Vegetarian Kimchi Korean Bowl is a great option for clean eating and veggie lovers at Flax!

Eating clean gets a bad name thanks to boring ingredients and duller preparation. Which is why Flax is almost revolutionary in its approach. 

Here’s the perfect solution to balanced eating without skimping on flavours. What makes their products all the more appetising is the lifestyle that comes along with it. And now, there’s plenty of exciting new additions to look forward to! 

Starting off, their Vietnamese No Oil Dressing has recently made its refreshing debut. The dressing is a low calorie, low fat dressing that’s equal parts healthy and delicious. As a bonus, it’s also big on Vitamin C, which helps in absorption of iron from the greens and improves skin health. Additional perks also include better digestion and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dj turned entrepreneur gurmeet arora created flax out of the necessity to correct his own lifestyle.
DJ turned entrepreneur Gurmeet Arora created Flax out of the necessity to correct his own lifestyle.

Some of the new additions to the already existing menu include the Korean Kimchi Bowl, Vietnamese Bowl, Tapenade Fish Salad, and Smoked Chicken Salad. While vegetarians can gorge on the California Cottage Cheese Salad and Calabrese Bocconcini Sandwich, there’s also classics like Chicken Tikka Sandwich, Smoked Chicken Sandwich, Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich. Also known for its lip-smacking bowls and thick milkshakes, Flax offers meal plan subscriptions for added convenience. 

Brainchild of Gurmeet Arora, the menu at Flax reflects his versatile experience as a DJ-turned- entrepreneur. Having witnessed the hospitality industry for about a decade, here’s a person who knows what he wants for his consumers. 

He says, “The idea of curating healthy food was missing and this is where I thought that Flax can fill the gap. Flax came as a necessity to correct my own lifestyle. It’s only when I understood that healthy food is going to be everyone’s daily requirement in the coming future. Starting from a 200 sq ft space inside a gym is where Flax was born, my vision is to be India’s answer to health food, ailment food backed with science & nutrition. With Flax, I am building a team where everyone associated with the brand can grow together.”

Flax currently operates as a delivery service in Mumbai and a dine-in space in Bangalore. A little overwhelming and a lot delicious, there’s a plethora of options in the vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian as well as gluten-free categories. Add to that their neat packaging, and they’ve hit all the sweet spots

It's a tofu thing is one of several vegan options available at flax.
It’s a Tofu Thing is one of several vegan options available at Flax.

All the ingredients are indigenous to India and are either organically sourced or prepared in-house with utmost care. Some of their must-try food items include the Burrito Bowl, Shawarma Spiced Chicken Bowl, Falafel Bowl, It’s a Tofu Thing Salad, Glow Bowl Salad, Summer Refresh Salad, Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, Hummus and Chicken Wrap.

Even with all of this going on, Gurmeet still insists that there’s a long way to go and a lot of plans in the works. 

“Plenty on the cards with Flax,” he adds. “We have a range of hot meals coming up and are also looking to open a dine-in cafe in Mumbai in addition to undertaking expansion in different cities. The health food segment has picked up substantially in India and more so in the past two years where health has come into focus during the pandemic. We want everyone to know that eating healthy is also nutritious and delicious. That is the goal for us.”

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