The Connoisseur Collection marks Dartington Crystal’s first Indian collaboration

Take the legacy of Dartington Crystal and the expertise of Vaniitha Jaiin with thinKitchen, and you’ve got The Connoisseur Collection.
Iconic glassware brand dartington crystal meets indian wine and spirits expert vaniitha jaiin for the connoisseur collection.
Iconic glassware brand Dartington Crystal worked with Indian wine and spirits expert Vaniitha Jaiin for The Connoisseur Collection.

For renowned British glassmakers Dartington Crystal, it’s about their debut collaboration with an Indian connoisseur. For Vaniitha Jaiin, founder of The Perfect Pour, a lifestyle and alcobev consultant firm, it’s the culmination of her work and skillset. For consumers, it’s The Connoisseur Collection.

In collaboration with thinKitchen, The Connoisseur Collection features two bespoke functional lines of glasses for appreciating wine and whisky, respectively. Available on their website, the product is at the nexus of glass, liquor, and sales platform expertise. 

Dartington Crystal has long established itself for delivering high-quality handcrafted glassware that’s simple and functional. Such is the mastery of their skill, that they’re one of the few glass-makers to supply HRM the Queen and HRH the Prince of Wales.

The connoisseur collection features two bespoke lines for whiskey and wine appreciation.
The Connoisseur Collection features two bespoke lines for whiskey and wine appreciation. It’s all about functionality, simplicity, and elegance.

Crafted with finesse, The Connoisseur Collection is a rare combination of skill and innovation. Hand-crafted in England using the age-old mouth-blown glass making technique, these wine and whisky glasses are made using the finest crystal to give it the luxurious look, feel, and brilliant clarity.

“It is an honour to work with a legendary brand like Dartington Crystal to curate a glassware collection for wine and whisky enthusiasts in India. My years of research and experience have gone into conceptualising The Connoisseur’s Wine and Whisky glasses which is a combination of both science and art. As a wine & spirits specialist, I always dreamt of an exceptionally functional glass that is suitable for enjoying and appreciating all kinds of wine and Whisky and ‘The Connoisseur Collection has taken me a step closer to my dream”, says Vaniitha Jaiin.

The glasses have been meticulously conceptualised and blended with elegance and finesse. With one of the glasses, your experience of wine and whiskey appreciation gets redefined. Be it aroma, style, flavour, finish or texture, there’s a whole new way to take it all in.

Vaniitha jaiin speaks of chanelling her expertise into creating the perfect glasses for the connoisseur collection.
Jaiin chanelled her expertise as a wine and spirits specialist into creating the perfect glasses for The Connoisseur Collection.

The Connoisseur Collection Wine glasses have been crafted as universal glasses for beginners and experts. It allows you to experience all kinds of wines including Champagne without investing in multiple-shaped wine glasses. 

Whereas the range of Connoisseur Whisky glasses are meant for savouring the taste and complexity of a fine whisky or a spirit. It’s all about perfect nosing, tasting experience and appreciating all types of spirits.

A spokesperson for Dartington Crystal says, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Vaniitha, her ideation and thought-process in this subject matter which we believe is nothing less than that of an alchemist is truly incredible. Her noble persuasion of making the glassware harmonizable for connoisseurs and novices alike is indeed praiseworthy. This is the first we have collaborated with an Indian Connoisseur and we are ecstatic with the outcome. ”

With evident attention to detail, The Connoisseur Collection luxury glassware are great for beginners, enthusiasts and experts alike. Often underrated, your favourite glass is usually your perfect partner as you explore the worlds of wine and whisky. 

So why not get the basics right? This is glassware where form meets function, making every sip more enjoyable.

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