A1 IPA from Gateway Brewing Co is back

Available in litre bottles as well as 5-litre party kegs, Gateway Brewing Co’s A1 IPA is perfect for indulging your love for craft beer.

Even as the celebrations for International Beer Day are winding up, Gateway Brewing Co has brought back its much-loved A1 IPA. The brewery has been working on making a new variant with fruity aromas and flavours from the Cryo Citra Hops.

Gateway Brewing Co A1 IPA craft beer

IPA or India pale ale was first brought into the country by the British in the 1800s. However, back then, IPA was fairly different from the modern renditions we have today. The early 18th century pale ales were lightly hopped and it was for export that they started being strongly hopped later. By the 1860s, India pale ales were popular across Britain and were more attenuated (conversion of sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide) and highly hopped than other ales at the time.

In India today though, IPAs are brewed differently. Gateway Brewing Co’s A1 IPA is made with locally grown malt and has aromas of citrus and pine, a deep golden colour, and sweet tones finished with a dry and rounded bitterness.

The A1 IPA is available for takeaway and delivery from Gateway Brewing Co in litre bottles as well as 5-litre party kegs. Go ahead, indulge in some sinfully cold top notch brews and celebrate your love for craft beer.

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