Delivery-only brands like Jhoom are stealing the show post-pandemic

Azure Hospitality’s Delhi NCR-based, delivery-only brand, Jhoom, with a deep focus on regional Indian fare, shows that for a fine-dining experience, you don’t always have to step out. 
Jhoom's tandoori broccoli is a sumptuous appetiser.
Jhoom’s Tandoori Broccoli is a sumptuous appetiser.

Coming from a company as venerable in the culinary sphere as Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna’s Azure Hospitality — which has iconic brands such as Sly Granny, Mamagoto, Foxtrot and Dhaba Estd 1986 Delhi under its banner — Jhoom, a delivery-only brand currently operating in Delhi NCR, has expectedly raised the bar as far as home delivery is concerned. 

Firstly, there’s none of that flimsy, shoddy packaging one associated with home delivery anywhere in sight. The food is sent in a variety of containers—steel tiffin boxes, chic terracotta containers and sturdy and stylish paper boxes. The tiffin boxes are yours to keep, give away or simply return to Jhoom next time. 

The food is as good as you’d eat in any restaurant. It celebrates the traditional and regional cuisines of India but has been perfected and tweaked to handle the exigencies of home delivery as well as to appeal to a sophisticated, global palate.

Jhoom's blue cheese kulcha is a must try.
Jhoom’s Blue Cheese Kulcha is a must try.

So there are standout dishes like the Blue Cheese Kulcha and the Deconstructed Dal Muradabadi (there’s the dry tadka moong dal, a moong dal soup, ghee jeera rice and a variety of toppings). The Tandoori Broccoli, a sumptuous size indeed, is the best I have ever eaten. 

While a variety of regional cuisines are represented, spanning the length and breadth of the country, this does test the finesse and consistency of the kitchen. For the most part, the dishes pass with flying colours but a Bengali may yet find fault with the Bengali Tiffin or a Goan with the Goan Fish Curry. The strength of the kitchen really is North India, where authentic flavours shine and the chef has been bold enough to add refreshing chef’s twists both in terms of presentation and experimenting with flavours. The Papri Chaat with Guacamole is a shining example of that. 

Left to right: soya haleem; achaari paneer tikka; and dal moradabadi.
Left to right: Soya Haleem; Achaari Paneer Tikka; and Dal Moradabadi.

The dishes have been developed and packed in a way that they can be best enjoyed in the comfort of the customer’s home. While the menu focusses on dishes that are signatures from their state of origin, there are also certain dishes which have been previously ignored when it comes to mainstream delivery brands. I don’t think anyone has offered Sindhi Kadhi in a Delhi NCR restaurant or cloud kitchen before. 

Signature dishes on the menu include Dilli ka Matra Kulcha and Ghee Roast Chicken Tacos (which blend two cuisines, Indian and Mexican). For meat lovers, the Jhoom Mutton Raan is unmissable, but remember to order in advance. From further afiled are dishes like the Goan Chicken Cafreal or the Tandoori Bacon-wrapped Jumbo Prawns, Jhoom’s very own desi version of ‘Surf and Turf’. Vegetarians can try the sublime Soya Haleem.

A typical tiffin from jhoom. This is the bengali tiffin.
A typical tiffin from Jhoom. This is the Bengali Tiffin.

The chef behind Jhoom is Tej Wardhan Saini. He has been a part of Azure Hospitality since 2018 having led operations at the Foxtrot, Khan Market outlet. That’s where the idea of Jhoom was born, after seeing the phenomenal response towards modern Indian food there. The idea was to put ‘nostalgia on a platter for cosmopolitan Indian audiences’ and introduce flavoursome Indian food to global palates. “The objective is to celebrate and discover recipes and techniques that are being forgotten over time,” says Chef Tej.

Perhaps jhoom's greatest achievement has been elevating a humble punjabi dessert like cheeni roti to a fine-dining level.
Perhaps Jhoom’s greatest achievement has been elevating a humble Punjabi dessert like Cheeni Roti to a fine-dining level.

Chef Tej’s love for Indian cooking started early when he used to watch his father cook scrumptious yet simple meals for the family on special occasions. His fascination led him to pursue the Culinary Arts course at Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal. His first professional stint began under Chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent. Since then, Chef Tej has been associated with leading brands and has had exposure to global cuisines in the culinary industry for over eight years and counting. With Jhoom, Chef Tej and his immensely talented team are taking the culinary world by storm, with a modern yet desi twist!

As of now, Jhoom is delivering in Gurgaon only, with plans to expand towards Delhi and the rest of NCR eventually. 

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