Explore India’s regional cuisines with Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

The Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has tied up with three home chefs to present Sunday lunches for the next three months, showcasing cuisine from Goa, Kashmir and Nagaland.

In recent times, even as globalisation peaks, sustainability has become an increasingly relevant factor. Nowhere is this more evident than in the F&B industry, with local sourcing gaining sharp focus. The government’s call for self-sustenance is a reflection of this very ethos. And for those of us lucky enough to live in India, with its myriad cultures and cuisines, focus on local and regional foods is an opportunity to explore our rich culinary landscape. The Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has built upon this philosophy to introduce a new programme called ‘Native Kitchens’.

Goan food

Under this programme, the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has partnered with three home chefs to showcase regional culinary specialities from various parts of the country at the ‘Sunday Superlunch’ for the next three months.

In April, Chef Rhea Aaron is presenting cuisine from Goa, many of the dishes being childhood favourites she has grown up eating. On the menu are Chicken Bafat, Prawn Balchao and coconut rice, along with the famed Bebinca, given an original twist by the chef here, who presents a deconstructed version.

May will see Chef Neetu Jalali showcase cuisine from her home state of Kashmir. From home-made plum and apricot ice teas, kahwa to biryani, everything from the aromas to the flavours are a veritable representation of Kashmir.

Regional specialities

In June, Chef Lichibeni Kikon will serve up delicacies from Nagaland. Naga cuisine is still a bit of an enigma for mainstream followers, but opportunities such as these are perfect for exploring its unique flavours. Some of the dishes on offer will include roast pork in sundried bamboo shoot, beef with black sesame and chicken with fresh bamboo shoot.

The Native Kitchens programme will be hosted at Cur8 at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru through the next three months. For those in the city, this is your chance to explore India’s rich cultural diversity through its incredible cross-section of cuisines.

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