Chandon India lends a helping hand to revive Warli art

In collaboration with Raah Foundation, Chandon India has introduced the #SAVEWARLI campaign and launched two limited edition gift boxes that celebrate Warli art.

Warli art is one of India’s indigenous artforms that dates as far back as the 10th century CE. It is practised by the Warli tribe in the state of Maharashtra. While it was traditionally painted on the walls of the tribe’s clay huts, it was only in the 1970s, through efforts of tribal artists, that Warli art gained popularity and found place on canvas and paper. The paint is made with a mixture of rice flour, water and natural gum, while a bamboo stick chewed on one end is used as a brush. The traditional central motif for the paintings were scenes from daily life including hunting, fishing, farming, dancing and festivals.

Chandon limited edition gift box
The limited edition gift boxes have been designed by Warli artist Prakash Pithole

As industrialisation continues unabated and traditional practices are lost in the rush to modernise, it is vital to provide support to the communities that have kept alive these illustrious bits of our heritage. With the #SAVEWARLI campaign, Chandon India looks to do exactly that. It has collaborated with the Raah Foundation, an NGO that works with underprivileged tribal communities.

The limited gift boxes, which come in two variants, with a stopper and with a flute, have been designed by Warli artist Prakash Pithole from Jawhar in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. Prakash, who has 23 years of experience in this art form, learned the craft from his father. He hopes to provide the art form with a shot in the arm by tutoring budding artists and spreading awareness.

The design on the box, combines the artistic expression that is typical of Warli with Chandon India’s own value of ‘Everyone is welcome at our table’.

Sophia Sinha, head of marketing at Moët Hennessy India, said, “Like Chandon, Warli also finds its roots in Nashik and the intertwining similarities between the two have led to the creation of this culturally inspired limited edition gift box. With this, our aim is to educate consumers about Warli art and seek their support to revive and sustain this art form.”

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