Gateway Brewing Company celebrates 7 years of heady brews

One of Mumbai’s first microbreweries has crafted a special brew in association with restaurant brewery Barking Deer to commemorate the occasion.

Craft beer has caught on in India’s financial capital only in recent years, but it’s been quite the journey. From a paltry two-three in the early 2010s to over a dozen names today, the fledgling industry has done well to establish itself in the hearts of Mumbai’s tipplers.


Gateway Brewing Company was one of the first microbreweries to open its doors in Mumbai in 2011. Founder and partner Navin Mittal’s obsession with brewing started much earlier, as evidenced by his blog on home-brewed beer back in 2006. Working in conjunction with other brewers in the state, Gateway Brewing Company was also responsible for getting government sanction for a micro-brewing policy for Maharashtra and paving the way for the numerous brands that exist today.

Gateway also stresses on improving the areas in which it operates, sourcing barley malt locally and using their own roasted specialty malts instead of only using imported ones.

The spirit of cooperation is strong in the niche craft beer industry and it’s evident, even in the special edition New England style IPA crafted to celebrate the brewery’s seventh anniversary. It has been developed in association with Greg Kroitzsh, founder of Barking Deer. The special edition IPA uses the latest Talus hops from Yakima Chief and the immensely popular mosaic hops. The resulting fruitiness of the brew lends it the iconic name – Tutti Frutti.

Of course, if you prefer to celebrate with different flavours, there’s still a huge range to choose from.



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