Celebrating India’s unique travel experiences with RARE India’s Shoba Mohan.

A passionate votary for sustainable travel, local luxury and differential experiences, Shoba Mohan’s RARE India is an extensive network of independent boutique hotels in India, Bhutan and Nepal.

The travel savant is famous for her candid views on what we lack both as a country looking to market ourselves to luxury travellers, our obsession with ‘branded’ hotels over the best of experiential boutique hotels in destinations both mainstream and secluded and the lack of interest in sustainable forms of travel.

In a wide-reaching conversation, Shoba Mohan speaks to Deepali Nandwani, Editor, Traveldine about how travel in India will evolve, the trends to look out for, and what should we do to leverage our immense wildlife heritage and the secluded Himalayan destinations that offer the best of social distancing opportunities.


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