Deepali Nandwani

Deepali Nandwani is part of the founding team of Traveldine. In her four decades long career, she has reported and written on diverse subjects — luxury to travel, business to current affairs, acquiring a 360-degree view on the pulls and pushes that defines society, business and politics in India. Her passions span photography, cooking, and collecting quirky postcards and vintage photographs.

Madrid fusion 2022 featured image

Madrid Fusión 2022: Superstar chefs, artisanal techniques 

The global culinary world’s superstars gathered to showcase artisanal, traditional, and ancestral cooking techniques, talk about experimentations, and treat audiences to some great cooking at Madrid Fusión 2022 Robert de Niro was Madrid Fusión 2022’s…

Prs oberooi featured image

PRS Oberoi redefined the Indian luxury hotels space 

PRS Oberoi’s unapologetic love for the good life has led him to create an Indian hospitality group that has huge admirers at home and on foreign shores, and guests who keep coming…

Editors pick food and drink 2

Editor’s Picks: Best of TravelDine’s Food and Drink 2021

Traveldiners have gone out of their way to ferret out interesting, intriguing, eye-opening stories on food and drink. My pick of the ones I loved reading and discovering.  Epicureans? Gastronomes? Or food…

Louis sailer, ceo, nullus ineptias

TD Conversations: Louis Sailer, Founder, Nullus Ineptias

The former general manager of The Leela Palace New Delhi and founder of a luxury hotel asset advisory company holds forth on what it takes to create world-class hospitality entities by restructuring…

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The Future of Travel: Greening your 2021 vacations

In keeping with a shift in consciousness in a post-pandemic world, travellers will pick destinations that aren’t just secluded but also have a green glow to them, destinations that are truly eco-friendly…

Spring in japan

On a cherry blossom trail in Japan

Traveldine takes you to magnificent regions that are home to Sakura or Cherry Blossom trees, to help you plan your 2022 rendezvous with the fragrant pink-coloured flowers. The enduring motif of springtime…

1135 ad jaipur romantic restaurant

10 of India’s most romantic restaurants

As you frantically make plans for Valentine’s Day or an extended Valentine’s Week, Traveldine’s list of the most atmospheric restaurants and bars will let you live out a fairy-tale romance for a few hours.

Dubai marathon

4 new hotels and 4 experiences that mark our Dubai 2021 hot list

The emirate may be witnessing a small blip with restricted shutdown for the moment, but its hospitality top openings and its hot list of global events has put it firmly on Traveldine’s radar as the destination to explore this year.


The success of Dekho Apna Desh is apparent from the number of tourists flocking Indian destinations such as Goa, Jaipur and Uttarakhand

Dekho Apna Desh — Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inspired campaign to get Indians to discover their own country — is among the first steps taken by the Indian government to promote domestic tourism. The multichannel campaign bodes well for the future of tourism in the country, which will increasingly focus on domestic travellers.