Celebrate homegrown brands at the first Great Indian Drinks Festival

The Great Indian Drinks Festival is exactly what it promises to be, a platform to explore the best of the country’s craft drinks industry.

There’s been a paradigm shift in the alcobev industry, surprisingly spurred by the pandemic. As the lockdown brought out everyone’s mixologist and home bars had their moment, consumers today are more experimental than ever. That combined with homegrown spirits holding their own on a global platform means the time is ripe to celebrate them all!

And that’s exactly what The Great Indian Drinks Festival does. It’s an unprecedented platform for the doyens of the Indian craft drinks industry to interact with customers. Scheduled to take place on the 23rd and 24th of this month at La La Land, Mumbai, this is an event you just can’t miss. Rife with delicious food pop-ups, a live band, a DJ, and more, it’s just the thing your weekend has been missing. 

Tickle gin is fast becoming a favourite among lovers of the spirit, with its juniper forward flavours and picklish mango taste.
Tickle Gin is fast becoming a favourite among lovers of the spirit, with its juniper forward flavours and picklish mango taste.

Speaking about the event, The Dram Club co-founder Vinayak Singh says, “Our whiskies, wines, gins, and beers hold their own on the international stage. The idea behind The Great Indian Drinks Festival is to celebrate this success and provide a perfect opportunity for each master distiller, brewer, and winemaker to present the individuality and nuances of their craft product and interact directly with an audience that is eager, enthusiastic, and experimental.”

While the first edition of this festival is scheduled to take place in Mumbai, The Dram Club team including co-founder Swati Sharma are eager to float to Pune, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and maybe even Calcutta! 

According to Swati, there’s a pressing need to acknowledge and appreciate the recent barrage of fine spirit launches across the country. Given the pressures of the pandemic and other restrictions, a lot of launches that had been underway for some time now deserve a push, which is what The Great Indian Drinks Festival is out to provide.

Further stating reasons for the event, she adds, “A lot of consumers haven’t been exposed to newer brands across different categories during the pandemic. Everytime we posted about something new and different, consumers wanted to know more. The brand-consumer facetime hasn’t happened enough, which makes this event all the more imperative.” 

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Nano brewery gobby brewing is all set to debut at the great indian drinks festival, providing some cool respite to attendees!
Nano brewery Gobby Brewing is all set to debut at The Great Indian Drinks festival, providing some cool respite to attendees!

Not that we needed an excuse to soak in some good food, booze, and music on a weekend! As people have started stepping out again, there’s nothing better than one platform where brands come together for consumers to explore it all. 

The Great Indian Drinks Festival chose Maharashtra to begin with given it has the highest homegrown alcohols listed. However, they’re on track to cover at least 2 more cities within the year if not more, and we can’t be more excited. As Swati says, ‘the landscape changes so quickly, we can’t miss out on any cities by waiting longer.’

While you can certainly count on homegrown classics like Moonshine Meadery, Sula Vineyards, Cabo, and more to be present, the festival will feature several exciting new launches. The Great Indian Drinks Festival marks the first time feni will feature at an event of this scale. Thanks to Tinto Feni, made at the Adinco distillery in Goa, guests can now sample some true blue heritage spirit the right way. As a nod to their Portuguese roots, the spirit is made using electricity, just like their ancestors way back. 

Popular in the north, smoke lab vodka comes to maharashtra through the great indian drinks festival.
Popular in the North, Smoke Lab Vodka comes to Maharashtra through The Great Indian Drinks Festival.

The recently launched Indri Single Malt will also be making an appearance at the festival, also the first time for consumers to sample the exquisite spirit on ground. Additionally, you can also spot the north favourite Smoke Lab Vodka among others. For lovers of beer, nano brewery Gobby Brewing is also all set to make its public debut and we absolutely can’t wait! 

The Great Indian Drinks Festival, is at its heart, the perfect opportunity to learn all about the finest spirits made within the country. With great food and music complementing the scene, there’s sure to be some immaculate vibes here. 

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