The Liquor Store elevates your mundane alcohol shopping experience

Located in Belapur, Navi Mumbai, The Liquor Store is a high-end gallery that boasts some of the finest spirits in the country juxtaposed with immersive technology.

Imagine walking into a liquor store to buy some premium spirit, and not needing any help at all. No, you don’t need to be a sommelier or industry expert yourself. All you need to do is pick up a bottle and place it on the slab, and all the details come right up on the screen! 

Nope, this isn’t just a fantasy, it is in fact the real life. Thanks to The Liquor Store, you can now learn all you want to know about your preferred spirit in a few minutes. It’s the first digitally woke AR experiential gallery, and facilitates independent walk-throughs with ease!  

A liquor shopping experience has never been this fun, immersive, or interactive before. Stepping into the store, you’re promised unique sampling, cuisine pairings, and high-energy events. They also boast Mumbai’s greatest collection of liquors in Maharashtra, with over 1,000 spirits, 1500 wines, 250 champagnes, and over 100 beer alternatives.

Spread across two storeys and four sections, the star attraction at the liquor store is thesuperlative catalog of rare and handpicked labels.
Spread across two storeys and four sections, the star attraction at The Liquor Store is the Superlative Catalog of rare and handpicked labels.

The Liquor Store was conceptualised by third-generation owners of liquor distribution company VK Group, entrepreneurial minds Dinesh, Jayesh and Pritesh Kathuria. The three of them have transformed the concept of a liquor store into a swanky gallery that offers a bespoke presentation of its best and rare spirits through elevated browsing and tasting settings. Basically, intimate tastings, exquisite pairings, interactive tours, and a good time for all! 

The store comes on the heels of India’s latest affair with tasting rooms, but pushes the envelope to start an interactive conversation with customers with digitally enhanced walkthroughs. Convenience comes in the form of easy commute, with The Liquor Store bespoke experience beginning at a customer’s house with a chauffeur-driven pick-up and ending with a drop facility on special requests.

If you’re wondering how rare some of the spirits here can get, you’re in for a treat. You’ll find 3 bottles of 1800 milenio tequila, for instance, of the existing 10 in Mumbai. There’s also the Kavalan whiskey, and 4 different choices in labels including the most famous Oloroso Sherry Cask. 

And if that wasn’t luxe enough, there’s also the Louis 13 cognac, a special edition worth Rs 3,95,000, the Junmai Daiginjo, which is a special limited edition Japanese sake, and the Penfolds wine, a limited edition Australia wine worth Rs 1.29 lakhs.

A pivotal part of The Liquor Store experience is the expansive wine cellar, which hosts the best wines from all the famous wine regions of the world including Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Spain and of course, Indian classics! Elevating your wine cellar and tasting experience are the extremely knowledgeable sommeliers on board, ready to help you taste and learn.

If you like your wines and want to learn more about it all, the wine cellar at the liquor store is just the haven you've been looking for!
If you like your wines and want to learn more about it all, the wine cellar at The Liquor Store is just the haven you’ve been looking for!

The Liquor Store experience culminates at The Tavern, a British inspired restobar. The gallery is decked out in black marble and gold finishes, and emits a contemporary art deco aura.

Guided by tasting expert Rachit Sharma, the place is designed to serve all-day experiences from breakfast options, lunch meals including Buddha bowls, Poached pear salads, Lemon mustard chicken salad, pizzas and even Mexican Chimichangas. Sharing options include their special cheese boards, Dual tikkas (a half basil pesto and sun-dried pesto) and Blue cheese chicken tikka, Chermoula prawns and Katsu baos.

Nachos with a side of tequila spiked salsa? Only at the liquor store.
Nachos with a side of tequila spiked salsa? Only at The Liquor Store.

The drinks menu is equally appealing, beginning with breakfast cocktails like Tavern After Party, a coconut and herbs concoction that is a great cure for hangovers and a power-packed drink to kick start your day. Matchoman is the bar chef’s recipe of a smokey Indian whiskey flavoured with herbs and matcha tea. A healthy approach comes in the form of the Brocotini, a vodka cocktail made using farm fresh veggies, flowers and finished with citrus flavours.

Suffice it to say, there’s enough going on to make the trek to Navi Mumbai more than worth it! Step out of your comfort zone and into a less mundane, far more immersive and informative experience at The Liquor Store. 

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