Rediscover the magic of mithai with Bombay Sweet Shop

From traditional mithai puritans to experimental young generations, there’s a mithai for everyone’s sweet tooth cravings this Diwali.

If the perfect Diwali experience is an amalgamation of gifts, cards, lights, and love, the Bombay Sweet Shop has all that and more with its magic of mithai. 

Dive into a world of drool-worthy sweets, right from the classics to their reimagined versions. And this time of the year, they’ve taken it up several notches. 

The story of Bombay Sweet Shop began on the five-year anniversary of Hunger Inc. Designed as both a retail outlet and factory space, experience the familiarity of traditional mithai made fresh right before your eyes. Nestled in a busy corner of Byculla, the store seems to have come alive straight from the pages of a fairytale. 

Bombay sweet shop is located in the busy cool streets of byculla
Bombay Sweet Shop is located in the busy cool streets of Byculla

Commenting on the store, Yash Bhanage, Co-Founder, says, “What we wanted to show people in the world behind how mithai gets made. When we found this old warehouse, we felt that this was a space where we could recreate the Willy Wonka factory.”

And recreated that wonder they have successfully translated to cater to the Indian consumer. A hundred percent pure vegetarian space, the store takes you in from the minute you enter. It’s almost as if it’s all competing for your attention, as you drink in the methodical mithai making, colourful interiors, and more, all while the inviting aromas from the kitchen continue to waft around in a tantalizing manner. 

What makes the location special is undoubtedly the nostalgia factor. Summer vacations spent visiting your local mithai store, grandparents stuffing you silly with sweets galore, it’s all brought back to life at Bombay Sweet Shop. 

“We looked at the mithai shop experience as a whole. If you go to a mithai shop, you pick up your mithais and at the same time, there’s someone making hot samosas and kachoris. You have that mix of savouries, so you can have a jalebi at the end. We wanted to recreate that experience here at Bombay Sweet Shop so people will come in rather than order it at home,” adds Yash.

True to the spirit of making traditional mithai their own, there are deliciously unique takes on enough that you’re bound to be spoilt for choice. Feast on the grand Badam Paak, a festive take on silky Mysore Paak with almonds, besan, ghee, and cardamom. For those veering towards more experimental mithai, there’s the Kaju Bon Bon, which is cashew marzipan layered with dark chocolate ganache, sprayed with dark chocolate. 

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The diwali special mithais from bombay sweet shop are as innovative as they're delicious
The Diwali special mithais from Bombay Sweet Shop are as innovative as they’re delicious

If your mouth isn’t watering just yet, there’s plenty more where that came from. With mithai that covers all of India, there’s something for everyone here. Be it Dodha Barfi, a classic wintersweet from the North-West frontier of India, or even the Doodh Boondi Laddu, our take on the typical boondi laddu from Jaipur.

Bombay Sweet Shop has creatively taken the familiarity of the past and created something entirely new for the future, making it doubly relevant to millennials and Gen-Z alike. With globalization and travel refining the Indian palette and exposing us all to Western confectionaries like macarons, croissants, and more, the need to keep traditional Indian mithai is greater than ever. And what better excuse than Diwali to do it?

“When you take something that is traditional and reimagines it, I think that makes it relevant to the younger generations. And that’s what we’re doing with the mithai shop here. We have Indian-inspired soft-serves, so if you’re a child coming in here for some good soft serve, you’ll come back again with your parents,” adds Yash.

Dodha soft serve
The Diwali special Dodha soft serve is a must-have at Bombay Sweet Shop

The Diwali special Dodha soft-serve illustrates just that. Creamy soft-serve trapped between chunks of Dodha barfi, and topped with nuts makes for happy smiles across all ages. The soft-serve flavours are also changed up every month, making it all the more exciting for subsequent visits.

Another highlight this festive season is the unique Chocolate Patissa bars, created with lots of love and even more attention to detail over three whole days. Layers of patissa interspersed with coconut halwa and salted caramel, finally coated in chocolate make this mithai as delicious as unmissable. 

With mithai this special, you know the packaging is bound to have a lot of love too. The limited-edition mithai boxes are as vibrant as the sweets they hold within. For the specially crafted Diwali Collection, choose between the seven curated offerings of reimagined Indian mithais. What’s more, there are delightful additions like assorted nuts, chikki, and savouries for card party champs; Chocolate Butterscotch Bark candles, playing cards, and Indian jujubes. Talk about the complete magical Diwali experience. 

The Bombay Sweet Shop talks about bringing back the magic of mithai. And there’s no time like Diwali to immerse yourself into this well-crafted and succulent world of indulgent sweet treats. 

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