Vegetarian craft by Street Storyss

Chefs Tarun Sibal and Nishant Choubey bring street food from across the world to restaurant-style dining with innovative twists making for a unique experience.

Bengaluru-based vegetarian craft kitchen, Street Storyss recently completed two years. The brainchild of chefs Tarun Sibal and Nishant Choubey, the restaurant focusses on street food from across the globe but elevated to restaurant-style dining.

Chef tarun sibal
Chef Tarun Sibal wanted to open a vegetarian restaurant which specialised in global street food. With Street Storyss, the difference lies in Sibal’s innovative interpretation of the concept.

Street Storyss was conceptualised a few years ago when Sibal won the “World on a Plate’ competition presenting jamun chaat, his take on the som tam. The seed of an idea was sown then. Sibal says he knew he wanted to open a vegetarian restaurant dominated by global street food as a concept, “but it is all avant garde and our take on street food”. So, while street food from across the globe formed the core of the idea, it was his interpretation that became the crux of the menu.

And so, you have papdi chaat but served with an avocado mousse, or the kale patta chaat instead of the more traditional palak patta chaat. The new menu which is going to be launched in September also has a Surprise chaat where the burst of flavours truly surprise you. The little golgappas are stuffed with pesto, sour cream and bellpepper jam and are made of pizza dough.

We tried quite a few dishes from the new menu including the cucumber and quinoa salad with a cucumber vinaigrette. Another favourite was the pesto, beetroot and classic hummus served with pita. It comes with a slice of orange and squeezing it on the hummus gave it a whole new taste profile.

The jade blue dim sums with mushroom were oh so pretty and went perfectly with the garlic peanut and coriander chili chutney they were served with.

The highlight of the meal for us was the blue pea rice served with yellow tofu curry (part of the existing menu). The rice is cooked with the butterfly pea flower giving it a mesmerising blue colour. The yellow tofu curry gives it just the right Asian flavours. While we didn’t try the pot pie biryani, it’s a hot seller at the restaurant.

Among desserts while the tiramisu is highly recommended, we tried the coconut kulfi with Ferrero Rocher chocolate, a delightful combination, reminiscent of childhood.

The baked bapa coffee doi (again part of the new menu) served with a tea cake with butter cream icing, and a slice of grilled mango is a lovely dessert to share with your partner. It’s not too sweet and each bit can be had individually or together.

If like me, you feel that for a meal to be truly satisfying it needs to engage all your senses, then Street Storyss is the right place. Each dish is beautifully plated adding to the wow factor. The 110-cover restaurant itself has a hip café vibe with lots of plants, comfortable seating and cheerful lighting.  

Although the restaurant is pure vegetarian, the dishes and the flavour profile will be equally palatable to meat eaters. Whether or not a dish has meat should not really be a criterion as long as it tastes good. And at Street Storyss, everything does.

Where: Street Storyss, 3155 Indiranagar Road, Bangalore

Timings: 12:00 to 10:30pm

Cost for two: Rs 1,500 (The restaurant does not serve alcohol).

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