BLR Brewing Co. opens its third outlet in Bengaluru

Residents in and around JP Nagar can now enjoy having a BLR Brewing Co. in their vicinity, replete with all the classic fun and brews!
Blr brewing co. Comes to jp nagar, marking its third location across bengaluru.
BLR Brewing Co. comes to JP Nagar, marking its third location across Bengaluru.

The pet-friendly brewpub, BLR Brewing Co. now comes to JP Nagar, Bengaluru in addition to the previous two spots. Here, the interior themes explore all five elements of nature. 

There are the ever-so aesthetic red-bricked walls to welcome you to the two-floored space. There’s also alfresco seating on the intricately done rooftop, to enjoy both brews and views of Bengaluru. There’s also a Mashaal lighted during the night, and some live music to go with the evening. 

The brewery is largely seasonal and brings forth experimental brews from different creators across the country. BLR Brewing Co. caters to the different tastes and flavour preferences of beer lovers. They’re also experimenting with local ingredients for crafting the perfect recipes, championing the ingredients in the fullest sense.

Currently on offer for indulgence is the limited edition Bengaluru Bites menu. The myriad of flavour explosions includes the VV Puram vegetable cutlet, Cubbon park salad, Mosque road mutton cutlet, and a whole lot more! Bringing regional flavours from different parts of the country, the menu showcases the diversity and rich culture of India along with classic favourites from the global cuisine. 

The bar at blr brewing co. Serves a bunch of fresh brews and cocktails to boot.
The bar at BLR Brewing Co. serves a bunch of fresh brews and cocktails to boot.

Prasanna Kumar, Co-Founder, BLR Brewing Co. says, “Demand for craft beer is rapidly emerging and Beer is becoming more of a lifestyle beverage so we thought why don’t we do a series of collaborations this year as part of our launch of the new property. Our newest location in JP Nagar is a brewers hub wherein brands from all over the world will be brewing craft brews here. We have collaborated with several breweries from Maharashtra and we look forward to having more such collaborations across the globe”. 

But of course, the brews are what most are there for. And you’re not disappointed, what with the array of options to choose from. Starting with twelve different styles of house-brewed beers, there are at least six which are crafted by the breweries and brewers across India. Once there, you can’t skip on the Bombay Duck Brewing, Kimaya Brewing Co., 2 Down Beer Co., Igloo craft beer and a lot more global brands still in the pipeline. 

There's 12 different brews to be found at blr brewing co. , six of which are from brewers and breweries from across the country.
There’s 12 different brews to be found at BLR Brewing Co., six of which are from brewers and breweries from across the country.

Experimenting with a fusion of caffeine and beer, South Bengaluru-based coffee brand Benki is something that makes it one of a kind experience. All of which will be available at all BLR Brewing Co. outlets across Bengaluru. 

The brewery also has 6 in-house variants to offer, which are a blend of classics and some interesting options. There’s Belgian WIT, Farmhouse, Hefeweizen (a type of Weiss beer), Alphonso Ale, Nitro Stout, and Nelson IPA brewed by Head Brewer Umang Nair, an expert in hand-crafted beers.

Some of their special cocktails including the Rose Gimlet, Forbidden BLR, and Soho beach bum are not to be missed. The food here isn’t to be ignored either, with the chef’s special including the sumptuous Golconda chicken, Nalli ka Salan, Mojito chicken, and Malai Broccoli to name a few.

With a large comfort menu chock-full of flavours both global and homey, BLR Brewing attracts crowds from all walks of life. The JP Nagar outlet is also due to host Old school nights, live gigs, DJ nights, Sunday brunch, sports screenings, Sunday Sundowners and a lot more. Stop by a brewtiful kind of evening! 

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