Beautiful plans taking wing in IHCL’s North Goa properties

These two Taj resorts are playing host to some unique guests in their all-new Butterfly Gardens.

The next time you stay at the Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa and Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa in North Goa, there may be something more than seaside luxury to savour. You could have a mesmerising encounter with some unusually beautiful guests that flutter by, rather than walk! The resorts’ all-new Butterfly Gardens, rich in local flowers, including Ixora (or jungle geranium), wild lantana, Helichrysum (yellow paper flower), verbena, hibiscus, and daisies, are enticing a wide variety of winged wonders.

Butterfly garden, taj
The lush property of the Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, which already has butterflies checking in regularly. Image: Courtesy IHCL.

Butterfly enthusiasts will be happy to know that they can spot beautiful specimens of species such as the Blue Mormon (Papilio polymnestor), CommonLime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus), and the Monarch (Danaus chrysippus).

Butterfly, butterfly garden, taj
The majestic Blue Mormon: Image: Creative Commons/Subhash Pulikkal.

In their efforts towards ‘Ecosystem Restoration’, the IHCL Group resorts are taking their conservation commitments seriously. Apart from the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa in Benaulim, Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa in Sinquerim and the Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa in Candolim all having achieved EarthCheck Platinum Certification, representing 11 continuous years of social and environmental impact by ensuring sustainable tourism management practices, they are also reducing water consumption, greenhouse emissions, and waste, and saving energy too. The resorts strictly refrain from using any chemical pesticides and also promote ‘Farm to Table’ concept with their own spice gardens and local produce of fruits and vegetables.

Butterfly, butterfly garden, taj
Nothing plain about these Plain Tigers, also known as Monarch butterflies. Image: Pexels/Cindy Gustafson.

Owing to their efforts, the resorts are already home to several birds, plants, and other wildlife species that contribute to a healthier ecosystem with richer biodiversity. It’s not surprising that Dr Derek Monteiro (Ph.D.), Guest Relations Manager at the Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, holds a BSc in botany & zoology and a Masters in eco-tourism!

Butterfly, butterfly garden, taj
The Common Lime Butterfly has a rare elegance. Image: Creative Commons/Jeevan Jose.

Make your home a butterfly magnet too

Passionate about living green, Monteiro offers tips on how to make your own home wildlife-friendly: “The number of Indian plants in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List is steadily rising much to the dismay of conservationists. Take some time off from your busy schedules to understand and learn about these species in your area. Plant native flora in your neighbourhoods. Native plants provide food and shelter for native wildlife. This, in turn, results in attracting native insects like bees and butterflies that can help pollinate your plants. Avoid purchasing products made from threatened or endangered species and refrain from using toxic herbicides or pesticides for your gardens.”

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