Eat right at Taj resorts in North Goa

Taj Fort Aguada and Taj Holiday Village have been certified as ‘Eat Right Campus’ by the FSSAI, ticking all the boxes on safe, healthy and sustainable food.

In today’s day and age, watching what you eat, is a conversation that is no longer just limited to a select few. Rightly so, given that personal diets are not just designed around nutrition needs but also take into consideration the sustainability factor. Environmental wellbeing is as important an issue today as is personal health. And obviously, given the global events across the last year, food safety has assumed importance today like never before.

In India, safe, healthy and sustainable food was given due importance by the government as far back as in 2006, with the establishment of the Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act. The Foods Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) envisioned safe and wholesome food for all Indians. But the idea was not just to ensure the food is good for people but also the planet. FSSAI’s ‘Eat Right India’ movement has looked to ensure the achievement of this vision not just through regulation and collaboration but also by building synergies among associated sectors. The initiative aims to promote safe, healthy and sustainable food at campuses across the country, including educational institutions, workplaces and hospitals, among others. Apart from public health considerations, it’s also focused on social and economic development across communities.

As part of this initiative, the Taj Fort Aguada Resorts & Spa and Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa were recently certified as ‘Eat Right Campus’. Both properties had to adhere to guidelines laid out by FSSAI, based on food safety measures, provision of healthy and environmentally sustainable food and building awareness about correct food choices. The guidelines required food service providers at the resort to be properly licensed and registered and also compliance by the resorts to food safety and hygiene standards as per Schedule 4 of the FSS Act, 2006.

The properties were then audited by an FSSAI agency, which granted five-star ratings to both.

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