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Known for her columns on food anthropology, Chefs’ Retreat and wellness-based experiential tables, Madhulika Dash has also been on the food panel of Masterchef India Season 4, a guest lecturer at IHM, and is currently part of the Odisha government’s culinary council.

Milk shakes

Milkshake—The egalitarian drink that made milk lovable

Here’s how the milkshake spelled renaissance for milk, became a cultural cult—and the cornerstone of some of the most outlandish innovations.   Early April this year when Chef Sumanta Chakrabarti decided to rework the milkshake offering at Loafer’s Café in Raajkutir, Swabhumi, the first…

Durga puja thali

The feast of the east

When it comes to lavishness, history and Bengal’s culinary ingenuity, nothing quite lays the spread like the one during the nine-day festival of Durga Puja, including some fascinating legacy dishes, say chefs…

Navratri thali at imly

The food of the Navratri fast decoded

There is more to our vrat ka khana (food of the Navratri fast) than the religious explanation that is given of its existence and its continuing practice. “It’s been our tradition,” says…

Pujor mangsho

The concept of niramish mangsho (and machcha)

A concept that easily predates the celebration of Durga Puja, here’s what makes it such an integral part of the festivity, especially in the states of East and Northeast India  Meat or…

Types of biryani in india

Many flavours of biryani

Biryani could easily fit the description of a national dish, given that every state has its own variant, with a history to go with it. Here are a few iconic gems of…

Peach cobbler

Of cobbler, crisp and crumble

When it comes to baked fruit-and-pastry desserts, the iconic pie isn’t the only game in town. Meet cobbler, the trail-modified innovation that has been the toast of many events—and variations Cobbler.  There is…

Devil's egg at lavaash by saby

An ‘eggstraordinary’ story

Few dishes epitomise the fascinating journey of egg and its rise to culinary glory like the dimer chop, the colonial innovation that is today the finest specimen of Kolkata’s brio culinaire Egg,…

Garlic bread

The origin of garlic bread

Here’s how garlic bread—a poor Roman’s meal—became a global obsession, and continues to be so till date  Of all the Italian dishes to have earned global citizenship, nothing comes close to garlic…

Pakora or indian fritter

The allure of pakoras

From vada pav to bhajia, from chop to piaji, and nadru monje to pazham pori, what is it about Indian fritters that make them such an integral part of our food warp…


Indian classic: Modak

From being an antidote to the symbol of communal unity and joy, here’s how Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet became the essence of belongingness Three years ago, when seasoned pastry chef Avijit Ghosh…

Marie-antoine careme, the world's first celebrity chef

Marie-Antoine Carême: A Legacy

From the creation of the four mother sauces to the stunning croquembouche and mille-feuille to designing the format of professional food writing, Marie-Antoine Carême was a culinary legend and the first celebrity…

Chef prateek sadhu and aditi dugar of masque mumbai

TD Conversations: Prateek Sadhu and Aditi Dugar of Masque

Co-owners and comrades-in-arms when it comes to changing the way India dines, the experimental duo waxes eloquent on five years of Masque and what has changed in the past few years for…


The charms of malai

Often referred to as Lord Krishna’s favourite, here’s why malai holds such a special place for us. And it’s not just for its taste but also its wellness properties.

Rakshabandhan rakhi

Celebrating a bond that ties

It may not have the grandeur of Diwali or the effervescence of Holi, but none can deny Rakshabandhan’s magic at creating connections that last.


Sadhya: A feast of wellness

As one of the finest formal meals of the Indian culinary book, sadhya is an excellent presentation of not just the food tapestry of Kerala and its local produce but also of our vedic wisdom of wellbeing.

Untitled design 36 min 1

TD Conversations: Chef Irfan Pabaney, Country Head, SodaBottleOpenerWala

From the Mughal court to the decked-up living rooms of Bagh, Nowroz or Parsi New Year celebrations have always been about a coming together of good thoughts, good deeds, good vibes – and bellyful of great food, says Chef Pabaney, who calls being Parsi By Food, his second nature.

Independence day sweets

India@75: The sweet connection to Independence

Away from the mainland fight of revolutionaries, our freedom struggle saw the rise of an unlikely ally – sweets and sweetmeat makers. This Independence Day, we look at their role and how it set the tone for our favourites.


Poha: The quintessential Indian breakfast

Sweet or savoury, there is no denying that when it comes to the first meal of the day, few dishes have the charm of a typical poha. Loved by all, what is it about this simple, rustic dish that makes it so beloved? We flake through.