Madhulika Dash

Known for her columns on food anthropology, Chefs’ Retreat and wellness-based experiential tables, Madhulika Dash has also been on the food panel of Masterchef India Season 4, a guest lecturer at IHM, and is currently part of the Odisha government’s culinary council.

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India Classic: Kofta capers through the years

Steamed, poached, fried—there are many variants of the famous kofta that transformed into one of the finest showcases of culinary functionality and showmanship


Fruits, meat, or tamarind rice, what’s on your Navratri Thali?

From fruits and vegetables to buttermilk, and yes, meat, this nine-day festival and its accompanying food has traversed an interesting course. Here’s all you need to know about the Navratri Thali and its origins.

Makhana vegetable tart

Makhana: The culinary white gold

From a humble fisherman’s sustenance to Janmashtami prasad to the darling of gourmet tables, how did makhana — the superfood of Mithila — become a byword for wellness and indulgence? December 2021:…

Indian accent chips dish featured

Crackling on chips

From being a mere accompaniment added for texture to becoming the clever contrast and fun element, the story of Indian chips in the modern dining sphere is a fascinating tale. Consider chips.…

Dal pakwaan sindhi breakfast dish

Dal Pakwaan: The genius of simplicity

The tale of how Dal Pakwaan, a functional and economical dish, came to represent the ethos of one of India’s most enterprising communities — the Sindhis, and comfort. Picture Dal Pakwaan. On…

Gulab jamun tart

Gulab Jamun: The sweet globe of deliciousness

When it comes to the fine art of charming the sweet palate, few have worked the magic like Gulab Jamun — a sweet everyone knows and loves. It is also the sweet…

Mutton chukka

Mutton Chukka: The royal dish

A dry mutton dish’s spicy trail from Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu to Telangana. Mutton Chukka (or Sukka), a relatively spicy, tasty, dry consistency dish, was what Chef Nimish Bhatia, Founder, Nimisserie Bespoke,…

Bajra khichdi

Reviewing bajra

Prized for its wellness properties today, here’s how the Jaat farmer’s staple became the superfood valued by farmers, traders, warriors, and now chefs too. Circa 1450: It had been almost a decade…

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate: The happiness tincture

How wars and army rations transformed chocolate, the once-bitter drink of the Olmecs and Aztecs, to one of the favourite synonyms of indulgence globally. A few Christmases ago when Chef Vikas Seth,…

Jackfruit chips for monsoon

The true monsoon foods of India

The monsoon is here. From fried fish to Anarsa and butternut squash & barley, seasoned chefs on their favourite dishes to ring the rainy day blues away. Fact: Monsoon is best enjoyed…

Puttu and kadala as served at four point sheraton kochi

The history of Puttu and Kadala Kari

If there was a dish that could have the potential of launching a thousand ships (read: versions) and each equally loved, then this Kerala staple will be the one. Some meals can…

Pav bhaji

Indian classic: Pav bhaji

The story of how the American Civil War led to the creation of pav bhaji, one of the most fascinating street foods of Mumbai. Consider pav bhaji. It is a simple meal…

Chef's list featured

What’s new in the chef’s pantry?

From black garlic to jackfruit seed and lacto-fermented bimbli, a behind-the-burner preview of what’s the latest on the chef’s shopping agenda — and your next dining experience. A few weeks ago, seasoned…


Shorba for the soul

Shorba is a testament to India’s openness to external culinary influences, and how we assimilate them effortlessly and make them our own. We recount how shorba — a love-it-hate-it curative dish —…

Why is podo pitha important to the rath yatra?

Podo pitha: Nandigosha’s beloved treat

Know why this variant of Odisha’s oldest sweetmeat warrants a stopover for the Holy Trinity during the famous Rath Yatra. As culinary icon Jiggs Kalra once defined it for the global audience,…

Curd rice

Rethinking curd rice

Curd rice was once seen as healing food, acquired fame as a beloved summer special and conquered palates for its cure-all properties. Here’s how the famous Thayir Sadam and its ilk have…

How pithas play a pivotal role in raja parba

Raja Parba: The culinary brilliance of period drama

Can a festival based on the taboo topic of menstruation become the prism to understand and adopt ancient wellness practices of food? Turns out there is much more to Odisha’s Raja Parba…


The sweet discourse

When it comes to the world of desserts and sweets, current trends and the move towards ‘elevated desserts’ are just the tip of the ‘iceberg’ of the age-old, all-encompassing, charming affair. Two…