Six-O-One: The Park, Chennai’s meeting point for glamour and a good meal

Sustainability and style join hands at Six-O-One at The Park, Chennai, to offer guests local and international flavours with a responsible twist in their latest menu.

Six-o-one at the park, chennai
Launched more than two decades ago, Six-O-One at The Park, Chennai, is yet again redefining luxury and taking a stand on sustainability with its latest menu.
Image: Courtesy The Park, Chennai.

Six-O-One, at The Park Chennai has redefined the concept of all-day dining in the city, almost since its launch more than two decades ago. Diner preferences have evolved, the concept of luxury has also been redefined since the time Six-O-One created ripples in the city.

Six-O-One: Chennai’s game-changer

Back then, we used the term ‘coffee shop’ (many of us still do) to describe 24-hour or all-day diners. The ‘go to’ restaurant in a luxury hotel where buffets ruled the roost at all meal sessions and the meals between meals menus or late-night menus were dominated by uncomplicated, comfort food. Six-O-One changed all that in Chennai.

The Park Chennai’s all-hours restaurant takes its name from its door number on Anna Salai (formerly Mount Road), in the heart of the city’s CBD. This was once Gemini Film Studios, one of India’s biggest movie studios through much of the 1940s and ’50s. Art works and film posters from the black and white era pay tribute to this historic location across the hotel.

Ashutosh Nerlekar, Executive Chef, The Park Chennai, tells us that he and his team seek inspiration from the magnificent sets, arresting storylines, elaborate costumes, and glamorous stars creating sheer on-screen magic. “Performance remains the inspiration at Six-O-One.”

Responsible luxury with a twist of sustainability

The menu brings the best of local and international flavours. For long, the restaurant’s Italian menu was its showstopper with fail-proof pastas and pizzas and arguably the best Tiramisu in town. The 2023 version of the Six-O-One Tiramisu incorporates South Indian-style filter coffee. The European slant remains even as the restaurant has added more local flavours and a smattering of Asian flavours including a fiery Thai Green curry that regulars swear by. Six-O-One recently launched a sushi bar that has become the highlight of its lunch buffet. 

Responsible luxury is one of the buzz phrases of the 2020s. Six-O-One walks the talk with its contemporary approach to food sourcing and reducing carbon footprints. “While a salmon might look good on our menu, we’ve substituted this with a locally sourced Black Sea bass that has gone on to become one of the hero dishes on our menu. We’ve also looked at cheese suppliers from Tamil Nadu for a lot of our dishes,” Chef Ashutosh Nerlekar summarises the responsible approach that drives Six-O-One’s latest menu.

One of the bestsellers is their ‘Hearty Salad’ that has replaced quinoa with millets from Tamil Nadu. Six-O-One continues to innovate with constant menu refreshes that reflect the ever-changing preferences of the city’s well-heeled and a continuing push towards sustainability.

Good to know

Address: The Park, 601, Anna Salai, near US Embassy, Gangai Karai Puram, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006 | Contact: (044) 4267-6000 | Meal for 2: Rs 3,000/-

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