TD Tests: The Google Pixel 6a smartphone

The pureplay Android experience and the stellar cam are back in India with the much-anticipated Pixel 6a.

Google has played hide and seek with the Indian market with its Pixel line. but we’re glad that the Pixel 6a is finally in our hands. It’s been about two years since the last Google Pixel device (the Pixel 5a) debuted in India. That’s one reason the Pixel 6a is one of the most anticipated Android devices of 2022. It’s the same promise with every Google Pixel device — a pureplay Android experience and a brilliant cam backed by the best of Google AI. Does the Pixel 6a live up to this promise?

Pixel 6a, google pixel 6a, smartphone
Ready to check out the new Google Pixel 6a?

Looks the part

We dig the design language of the Pixel 6a. It shares quite a few elements with its more expensive siblings including the unique two-tone finish that plays out particularly well in this charcoal variant. It finds a perfect balance between form and function. We love how this device feels in your hand; it weighs under 180 gm. The polycarbonate back doesn’t take away from its premium vibe; the phone is finished with a sturdy aluminium frame.

Pixel 6a, google pixel 6a, smartphone
The Google Pixel 6a comes in Charcoal (left) and Chalk (right) colour variants. Its unique two-tone finish plays out particularly well in the charcoal.

Tensor under the hood

The big story is under the hood. The Pixel 6a is powered by the Google Tensor chip, the first mobile chipset designed by Google. It keeps the device zippy and ultra-smooth. It’s not just gaming and everyday tasks that are ultra-quick, the chip also powers cool features like Live Translate that enables you to chat in 11 languages in real time.

Pixel 6a, google pixel 6a, smartphone
The rear cam on the Google Pixel 6a combines a 12.2MP Primary lens and a 12MP ultra-wide lens, there’s also an 8MP selfie cam in the mix.

All you expect in a Pixel cam and a little more

The Tensor chip also impacts camera performance. The rear cam combines a 12.2MP Primary lens and a 12MP ultra-wide lens, there’s also an 8MP selfie cam in the mix. But don’t just evaluate a Pixel cam purely on its hardware. We tried this device in multiple scenarios, and it delivered great results. Low-light portrait images were particularly impressive in our tests. One of our favourite features is Magic Eraser, that allows you to remove distractions or make objects blend right in. You can even do this with images imported from a different phone.

Ticks the right boxes

The Google Pixel 6a might be the entry-level device for Google worldwide but it doesn’t skimp on the features that matter. It has a terrific 6.1-inch OLED display that delivers vibrant colours and deep blacks, a dual rear cam that’s among the best at this price point and looks every inch premium. And then, there’s the seamless blend of hardware and the uncluttered Google UI.

The Google Pixel 6a costs Rs 43,999 and comes in Charcoal and Chalk colour options.

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