AB InBev enters the energy drink market with the launch of Budweiser Beats

Marking its foray into the non-alcoholic energy drink market, AB InBev launches Budweiser Beats under its flagship brand.

Following the launch of their first non-alcoholic beverages two years ago, Anheuser Busch InBev India (AB InBev) is now back with Budweiser Beats. The drink marks its debut in the non-alcoholic energy drink category. 

Budweiser beats marks ab inbev's foray into the energy drink market
Budweiser Beats marks AB InBev’s foray into the energy drink market

With a formidable brewing heritage, AB InBev’s latest doesn’t disappoint. Produced using world-class quality standards and processes, Budweiser Beats has been created based on consumer insights for a more flavourful drinking experience. The energy drink contains natural caffeine and B-vitamins, formulated to offer consumers a superior taste and drinking experience. 

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In terms of packaging, the non-alcoholic innovation comes with contemporary packaging that pays homage to Budweiser’s heritage. The drink is now available across e-commerce platforms and leading modern retail and department stores across the country. Making it a direct competitor for RedBull, a 250ml can is priced at a modest Rs. 90.

Commenting on this launch, Kartikeya Sharma, President – India & South East Asia, AB InBev, said, “We are delighted to introduce Budweiser Beats in India, marking our entry in the energy drink category. Budweiser continues to be one of the fastest-growing premium brands in the country, and we are thrilled to introduce the first energy drink from Budweiser globally in India. We are confident that with Budweiser Beats, we will be able to further complement the evolving lifestyles of our consumers in the country. We will continue to build on this innovation with multiple products that aim to offer more choice to our consumers.”

As per their strategy, the company plans to focus on the fast-growing energy drink market by extending its brand Budweiser into the segment. According to company officials, they aim to corner a 10 percent market share in the next two years. Previously, the company had created non-alcoholic beers for Hoeegarden and Budweiser.

The energy drink market is growing with a CAGR of close to 20 percent for the last 5 years, including the two years of Covid impact, and is estimated to be close to USD 250 million (around Rs 1,872 crore)

According to press reports, the company is scanning markets where Budweiser is in a “strong position” across India. Primarily, they aim to target Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and UP in the north, Goa, and Maharashtra in the west. From the south, it’s Karnataka, Puducherry and Telangana, and Meghalaya, Assam, and West Bengal in the east.

Budweiser Beats seeks to disrupt the existing energy drinks category by offering a differentiated product that meets evolving consumer preferences. It is the first amongst differentiated non-alcohol and low-alcohol offerings in the pipeline to expand AB InBev’s product portfolio in the country.

Additionally, AB InBev has also spoken of their ambition for drinkers to integrate no-alcohol beers and beers with 3.5% or lower ABV (alcohol by volume) into their drink choices. With energy drinks popular amongst various demographics from businessmen, to students and travellers, Budweiser Beats is all set to make waves in the market on the back of the flagship patronage. 

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