67 Pall Mall in Singapore is the newest address for wine connoisseurs

The exclusive membership based 67 Pall Mall club is back with its most ambitious project yet. Wine lovers in Singapore, get ready! 
There's nothing quite like a membership to 67 pall mall in singapore this valentine's day
There’s nothing quite like a membership to 67 Pall Mall in Singapore this Valentine’s Day

For lovers of the grape elixir, 67 Pall Mall is a Members Club devoted to fine wine. Since opening their founding Club in London circa 2015, it’s the accessibility of fine wine that lies at the heart of it all. 

While the pandemic proved damaging to most across the F&B sector, a few hospitality businesses did manage to weather the storm. 67 Pall Mall, however, went one step further and turned it up virtually. The result? Online tastings that led to permanent global virtual memberships. In addition to that came 67pallmall.tv, a platform for mini-docs, masterclasses and drinks chat with an international roster of MWs, 24/7. The company also opened a site in the Swiss ski resort of Verbier.

And this time, their ambitions have skyrocketed with the February 14 launch of a 15,000 sq ft penthouse wine club in Singapore!

Splayed across the 27th and 28th floors of the Shaw Centre on the Orchard Road, discover over 5,000 wines from 42 countries, with 1,000 wines by the glass. The wine club’s unrivalled, award-winning Sommeliers’ team will guide you through the unmatched wine cellar. The club will also feature an impressive calendar of events, to include eye-opening seated masterclasses, fascinating dinners, explorative walk-around tastings and casual drinks parties.

Boasting over 5,000 wines from 42 countries, this singapore outlet is 67 pall mall's most adventurous outing yet
Boasting over 5,000 wines from 42 countries, this Singapore outlet is 67 Pall Mall’s most adventurous outing yet

If that’s not enough, members can explore a spirits lounge with a whisky waterfall on the top floor, overlooking a 1,000-bottle, 6m-tall wine tower. To complement the extensive wine list, the chefs at 67 Pall Mall have created an outstanding and authentic culinary experience. Indulge in elegant food pairings all in the backdrop of sophisticated, comfortable and convivial surroundings.

Complementing the wine events, members have access to wider cultural programmes exploring all aspects of a life well lived, as well as live music and children’s entertainment at the weekend. With the sommeliers, chefs and events team backing it all, members will have unparalleled opportunities to discover exceptional vintages, new varieties and regions of wine. And there’s nothing like networking with the like-minded over a glass of fine wine.

It's an elegant wine and dine opportunity at 67 pall mall, soon to be singapore's hottest new spot!
It’s an elegant wine and dine opportunity at 67 Pall Mall, soon to be Singapore’s hottest new spot!

Standard membership is S$200 per month (around £110), plus a S$2,400 joining fee — but the mark-ups on the wines are relatively modest. And that, says founder and CEO Grant Ashton, is what’s helped to build the club’s credibility among wine insiders.

According to various media reports, work is now underway on 67 Pall Mall’s Burgundy HQ, which will open in Beaune in May 2023. Housed in a 250-year-old hôtel particulier, it will have a club, TV studio and bar, and restaurant open to the public. A studio in Napa is also under construction (the channel has so far been viewed by 178,000 discreet URLs in 148 countries). 

And this is just the tip of a pretty high profile list of places to go. 

Even as most places continue to recover from the pandemic driven fiscal issues, the club’s ongoing physical expansion remains remarkable to say the least. According to the founder, however, it’s still the digital space and capturing of remote audiences that remains key to all plans. 

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