Wild Turkey brings its latest variant to India’s bourbon shelves

As part of their global expansion, the iconic American bourbon brand has announced the launch of Wild Turkey 81.

Fun fact: Wild Turkey’s origin story dates around 1940 when distillery executive Thomas McCarthey took a few warehouse samples on a Wild Turkey hunting trip. The next year, his friends asked him for “some of that Wild Turkey whiskey,” leading to the creation of the iconic bourbon brand. 

A renowned brand in countries across the Asia-Pacific region, Wild Turkey 81 is the brand’s latest reveal to Indian whiskey connoisseurs. Increased by just one proof from the flagship, Wild Turkey 81 is characterized by the bold, authentic full-bodied flavor. 

With deep amber to bronze hues, Wild Turkey 81 is touted to hold a fragrant aroma of honey and caramel and kicks off on the palate with the trademark Wild Turkey sweetness. From there, it transforms to notes of maple and vanilla, finishing with a sharp, toasty finish. 

Now available at select retailers across India, the roots of the distillery trace way across the oceans at a deep limestone shelf on the Kentucky River. The shelf acts as a natural filter and provides the distillery with crystal clear water.

Led by father and son Master Distiller team Jimmy and Eddie Russell, the duo boasts of 100 years of collective experience. And of course, their ability to still make real Kentucky Straight Bourbon the right way.

Catered towards a younger demographic that prefers cocktails, Wild Turkey 81 Proof was crafted by Eddie Russell, as a way to experience the true bold flavour of Wild Turkey at an approachable ABV. Wild Turkey’s flagship bourbon, Wild Turkey 101, is bottled at 50.5% ABV, while Wild Turkey 81 is bottled at 40.5% ABV.

Bourbon cocktails are now easier than ever with wild turkey 81 coming to select retail stores in india!
Bourbon cocktails are now easier than ever with Wild Turkey 81 coming to select retail stores in India! Image: Shutterstock

Using a mix of aged six-, seven- and eight-year-old whiskies (much older than what’s typical for its price point), Eddie created a bourbon that shines through concoctions. Its high rye mash matured in heavily charred casks provides a big flavour at a more approachable ABV than 86.8 or 101. Tasted neat, it demonstrates the iconic Kentucky bourbon flavors that are the result of generations-old processes.

“Wild Turkey’s heritage was built on family values, a love for whiskey-making, and an endless search for bold flavors,” shares Eddie, who celebrates his 40th anniversary at the historic distillery this year.

Jimmy, known famously across the globe as “The Buddha of Bourbon” taught his protégé son Eddie the ropes of making bourbon the old fashioned way, while encouraging him and his distilling cohorts to rise to modern consumption trends in American Whiskey – experimenting with age statements, aging techniques and barrel placement, evident in both older and newer marks.

Wild Turkey falls under the Campari Group, a major player in the global spirits industry.

“Introduction of our premium American bourbon in our India portfolio makes it much stronger. A perfect serve to kick start the evenings, Wild Turkey 81 is the choice for consumers looking for easier drinking options without losing the big flavours and is expected to become the preferred choice for bourbon connoisseurs” says Ashutosh Rajput, Country Manager, Campari India. 

What sets Wild Turkey’s bourbon heritage apart is the distillery that stood the test of time against trends of vodka, gin, and other popular spirits. The duo capitalized on their historic hallmark creations as well as experimented with newer techniques, resulting in the bold flavours we’ve come to know.

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