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A new game called ‘ITALY. Land of Wonder’ launched by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hopes to entice the youth travel segment.
Italy, Italy tourism, game
Gamifying the diverse Italian experience is a clever way to grab attention amongst future travellers belonging to the Millennial and Gen Z age groups.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created ITALY. Land of Wonders, a video game that is aimed at bringing the cultural heritage and wonders of Italy to a younger worldwide audience. Graphically appealing and targeted at both children and adults, ITALY. Land of Wonders portrays the beauty and tradition of the country through an interactive and fun experience. Available for free in English for iOS and Android, smartphone and tablet, it has just been released in India via Italiana, the new portal dedicated to promoting Italian culture in the world.

The interactive game has several interesting characters, who will help users explore magical Italy. Elio is the old lighthouse keeper who, every morning, with the help of the 20 sparks he retrieved the night before from the 20 regions of Italy, lights up the sun that will shine bright over the country. The game starts at sunset, Elio – a reference to Helios, the sun god of ancient Greek mythology – is looking for an assistant who can help him complete his arduous task. He has summoned a mysterious character outside the lighthouse: you, who are drawn into a night adventure around Italy to retrieve 20 sparks, light up the lighthouse and ensure the sun shines again.

During your journey, you will meet five Guardians, who will guide you to discover Nature, Cuisine, Art, Performance and Design, the five main sectors of Italy’s cultural heritage. At the end of the journey, a huge surprise awaits you: you’ll take Elio’s place, symbolically becoming the new Lighthouse Keeper, with a mission to protect the country’s treasures. First, however, you will need to pass no less than 100 puzzle game levels, each one featuring a 3D reconstruction of an iconic Italian landmark, in a truly engaging journey to discover, step by step, the coast and mountains, cities and castles, traditions and myths of the country.

From opera to baroque to famous movie soundtracks, the original scores in the video game are inspired by the great Italian classics. The music helps set the mood to a game that is also an engaging and informative learning tool for schools that teach Italian as a foreign language. Created for those already acquainted with Italy, as well as those who are not and want to learn more, while improving their grasp of the language, ITALY. Land of Wonders can also serve as a travel guide, thanks to a bundled collection of 600 articles filled with stories, news and fun facts.

Italy, Italy tourism, game
The homepage icon of the game features the Colosseum in Rome and the Italian tri-colour.

As with all the cultural initiatives by Italiana, ITALY. Land of Wonders is part of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ post-Covid programming strategy aimed at supporting Italian cultural and creative sectors. Sharing the excitement, Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni, Director General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation says, “Today, the mobile gaming market is one of the main channels for the diffusion of every type of content, including cultural and informative topics. It’s our job to leverage any opportunity we see to promote our country and its culture to the world. This is why we have embraced the mobile platform and are communicating in a way which is innovative not only for our Ministry, but also for Italy’s public administration in general. We are engaging with a younger audience with ITALY. Land of Wonders and it is our objective to engage people from all over the world and to get them interested in our country and its beauties, creating a sense of familiarity that can guide them, one day, to the actual discovery of our territories and our products.”

Adding to the above, he explains, “ITALY. Land of Wonders isn’t just an enjoyable mobile game – it’s a real Made in Italy product, skillfully mixing culture and technology. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our country. It’s an adventure accessible to everyone to help discover the beauty, the creativity and the taste of Italy.”

A glimpse of the game.

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