Travel essentials for restful sleep on long-haul flights

Survive a long-haul flight with these amazing carry-on essentials and airplane travel accessories.

Nothing worsens feeling jet-lagged after a long-haul flight than twisted sleeping positions onboard that result into a groggy, dysfunctional mind frame paired with sore back. A good sleep on flight can make most (if not all) of it go away. Coming to your rescue is our list of absolute inflight travel essentials for a good night’s sleep. And trust me when I say this, you just wouldn’t wish to take off without these from hereon!

Noise cancelling headphones

Travel essentials
It’s time to cancel out all that noise. Image: Shutterstock/Stockshakir.

The worst thing about the disturbing aircraft noise, constant clamour from the chatty co-passengers, or the wailing baby next to you, is that you can’t escape the situation to find a peaceful spot. And most times, even those free earbuds that cabin crew dish out on long-haul flights just won’t do. Save the day by getting yourself a pair of noise cancelling headphones to drown out the nastiest of noises onboard. Bose Wireless 700, Sony WH-1000XM5, and Apple Airpods Max are some of the best latest options.

Sleep mask

Travel essentials
Shut out any lights that might disturb your beauty sleep! Image: Shutterstock/fizkes.

At times, it gets tough to fall asleep when the cabin lights are on or you are stuck with someone who loves to binge on inflight entertainment. Keep a nice and soft sleep mask handy that seals out all kinds of light to catch some Zs while you travel. Herschel Eye Mask is thicker than the complimentary ones you get in your inflight care package, WiseLife has mulberry silk eye mask with memory foam that puts zero pressure on your eyes.

Travel pillow

Travel essentials
Support your neck with a travel pillow. Image: Shutterstock/Syda Productions.

Nobody wants a soar back or a cricked neck after carrying loads of luggage running around the airport or falling asleep in your seat in a weird position. Carry along a travel or neck pillow for that extra chin support. Easy to carry, an infinity pillow can easily wrap around your neck and be used in several different sleeping positions for a comfortable deep slumber. Cabeau Evolution S3 is a major upgrade  from the standard, bead-filled neck pillows and is made with breathable fabric providing plenty of neck support. Huzi Design Infinity Neck Pillow is made with comfy, breathable bamboo fabric and can be used in eight different ways, including head down on the tray table and snuggled up against the plane window.

Cosy blanket

Travel essentials
Snuggle in a fleece blanket. Image: Shutterstock/Chachamp.

No more freezing to death due to extreme air conditioning on your flight or catching that nasty post-travel cold. It might sound a tad bit of a task but bringing your own comfy blanket can be a total game changer. Pick a light-weight fleece blanket that can be rolled up and conveniently fit into your carry-on without occupying much space. Travelrest offers one that you can wear it as a poncho at airport and use it later onboard to keep your warm and cosy! Or snuggle up in the Mountain Warehouse Double Fleece Melange Blanket that is super-soft, made of polyeste, and has a toasty Sherpa fleece layer.

Relaxing face mist

Travel essentials
Few spritz of a face mist can go a long way! Image: Shutterstock/July Prokopiv.

Last but not the least, nothing like few spritz of a calming, aromatic facial mist to help out snooze better. Rubbing a couple of drops of an essential oil into your temples or onto your neck pillow can also give you an instant relaxing feeling while keeping the airplane dryness at bay. Forest Essentials’ Nidra comes in a small portable bottle and uses a blend of lavender, frankincense, and chamomile essential oils to help you ease into a blissful sleep.

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