Traditional ingredients meet contemporary cuisine at Kiyan

Kiyan, the world cuisine restaurant at The Roseate, New Delhi, has introduced a new menu that incorporates ancient ingredients and traditional recipes into contemporary cuisine.

“With time, changing consumption and cultivation patterns, there are many foods of our ancestors that are today forgotten or lost,” says Chef Nitin Bajaj, executive chef at Kiyan.

Kiyan’s new menu focuses on homegrown ingredients that aren’t usually found on fine dining menus. The objective is to ensure the highest quality produce, cultivated in a wholly organic and sustainable way, enriches every single recipe. The cuisine on the menu ranges from Indian to Thai and Continental.

“When it comes to interesting ingredients, for instance, we have a dish – slow-cooked lamb shanks with forbidden rice carbonara. Forbidden rice, also known as black rice, is an exotic ingredient that has its origins in ancient China. It was, in fact, reserved specially for royalty and hence, the name. It’s not something that is used widely today either, which is one of the reasons why we decided to include it on our menu,” adds Chef Bajaj.

But it’s not just the menu that is interesting here. The presentation is just as important. Plating plays a rather important role in every fine dining establishment, and Kiyan is no exception. Chef Nitin Bajaj, draws from his extensive experience in the UK, including at Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurant, to lend his unique philosophy to plating.

“I believe less is more. There is no need to pile on a huge number of ingredients on a plate for the sake of presentation. Use four to five ingredients and ensure they not only complement each other but also, and importantly, look neat.”

And while there are a number of star attractions on the new menu, we wanted to ask the chef himself for his favourite.

“Baked potato with double cheese soup and crispy leek. It’s a hearty and rich soup that I recommend to everyone. One of the crucial things in the preparation of this recipe is in the baking of the potato. You must always bake with the skin on as that imparts a lot of the flavour.”

The brand new menu is available at Kiyan, The Roseate, New Delhi for lunch, high tea and dinner, and also with various food aggregator platforms.

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