Travel trends that will define your vacations in 2022

From extended workations to transformational retreats, these travel trends for 2022 are hot and here to stay.

It’s that time of year again. Resolutions are been made (or broken already), fresh plans are in the making, and new trends are catching up. The travel industry is no different. Travellers are excited to know what the year holds for them, and we are here to deliver. Sit tight, here comes the top travel trends for 2022 that are totally going to rule your travel calendar this year!

Top travel trends for 2022!

All-inclusive packages

Ozen life maadhoo, maldives' the indulgence plan offers everything from luxury stay, spa treatments to exotic dining and excursions.
Ozen Life Maadhoo, Maldives’ The Indulgence Plan offers everything from luxury stay, spa treatments to exotic dining and excursions.
Image: Courtesy Ozen Life Maadhoo.

Planning a vacation has become a tedious task since the pandemic happened. All the tests and paperwork has only led people to crave hassle-free trips. Enter high-end luxury resorts offering all-inclusive packages. Although the concept has been the rage for a decade now, this year travellers are likely to book more such resorts to alleviate the stress and enjoy their vacations without a care in the world. Recognising the increasing demands, a rising number of luxury properties across the world are now embracing all-inclusive stays in their long term plans. The Maldives has many such options, like the Ozen Life Maadhoo’s ‘The Indulgence Plan’ that pampers you with all the elements of a sophisticated holiday experience, from bottomless champagne, ocean excursions, exotic dining to exclusive spa therapies, watersports, and complimentary airport transfers.

Long workations

Working from home has now been replaced with long, elaborate workations at offbeat destinations
Working from home has now been replaced with long, elaborate workations at offbeat destinations. Image: Shutterstock/Jaem Prueangwet.

Bleisure is passé. If the pandemic has taught the working travellers anything, it is to seize the moment and take elaborate breaks, whenever one can, especially now that remote working is the norms. Long extended workations where you can set up shop somewhere far from the mudane life is attracting young professionals. A number of destinations, including Mauritius, Barbados, and Aruba have introduced digital visas for long-term stays. Now continue being productive in the middle of a paradise, only to turn the screen off and instantly return to your lazy vacation!

Transformational retreats

Personal development or transformational retreats are going to trend in 2022
Personal development or transformational retreats are going to trend in 2022. Image: Shutterstock/Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko.

Thanks to the COVID anxiety, workload, and physical health issues, this year is going to be all about focussing on self-growth and rejuvenation. Transformational or personal development retreats are hence on the rise. Taking a break to go live a holistic healing experience that helps you channel your energy and restore your physical and mental health, is the way to go. Aerial BVI in the British Virgin Islands leads you towards positive transformation by offering guided wellness experiences, outdoor adventures, sustainable living, and spiritual sessions. Closer home, Naad Wellness on the outskirts of Delhi is one of the many wellness resorts in India, offering three to 28 days of Ayurvedic journeys.

Green travel

Travel trends for 2022
Community activities with locals is a huge part of active ecotourism. Image: Shutterstock//Ammit Jack.

As per the latest survey by Amadeus, a leading global travel tech company, ‘two-thirds of consumers consider sustainable travel a priority, and 37% of respondents think opportunities for travellers to be involved in the preservation of tourist destinations will help the industry to become more sustainable in the long-term.’ Their data is also showing a rise in the demands for eco-friendly destinations — searches for the eco-paradise of Costa Rica are up by 234% year-on-year, and in Europe, visitors to carbon-neutral Iceland are up by 11%. Active ecotourism is the need to the hour, and community-driven activities, volunteer opportunities, and carbon offsets are growing popular by the day.

From caravans to chartered flights to hyperloop trains

Caravan tourism
Caravan tourism is on the rise, owning to the comforts and spontaneity it offers. Image: Shutterstock/Andrey Armyagov.

People do not want to waste time on long-haul flights and crazy commute hours anymore. A whole host of new modes of transportation — fully-equipped, incredibly faster, hyper-efficient, and eco-conscious — are getting introduced to the travel world and we aren’t complaining. The trend of caravan tourism is finally catching up in India, thanks to the freedom to make your own itinerary, time spent getting up close with nature, and all the comforts of home wherever you go. Those who can afford it, are ditching business class to hire chartered planes and enjoy ultimate luxuries high up in the air. In fact, according to Amadeus, speedy futuristic travel options like hyperloop tube trains, supersonic airliners, and even space balloons are on their to make an entrance into our worlds!

Impromptu plans

Travel trends for 2022
Unplanned trios to new destinations is the way to go. Image: Shutterstock/GaudiLab.

Blame it on the never-ending series of lockdowns and unexpected flight cancellations, travellers are keeping away from booking tickets or rooms in advance. Instead, impromptu trips and last-minute bookings at the destinations itself is the trend. Spontaneous travel is exciting the crowds these days, and properties, airlines, and car rentals offering three-to -one-day prior bookings are gaining the most from it.

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