Travel gadgets that will make your adventure trips cooler this season!

Make your adventure trips safer, easier, or simply more enjoyable with these latest travel gadgets for 2022.

Technology and innovation has taken travel gadgets way beyond portable chargers and adapters. Some of the travel gear today are just too cool to miss, others add extra comfort and convenience to your adventures. Make your trips more fun and better organised with these latest travel gadgets for 2022.

Latest cool travel gadgets for 2022!

OCLU Action Camera

Travel gadgets for 2022
Capture your memorable moments even on the most impossible terrains. Image: Courtesy OCLU.

Thinking of investing in a handy camera that can accompany you on toughest of trails? Look no further than OCLU Action Camera! Expect nothing less than high-quality photos and videos under any weather, from the award-winning action camera that films in 4k at 30fps or 1080p at 120fps. It is IPX7 water resistant and comes with a myriad of accessories with GPS functionality, electronic image stabilisation and a universally compatible tripod screw. It also features LiveCut, a unique editing function with which you can delete unwanted content on the fly.

 goTenna Mesh 

Travel gadgets for 2022
Stay connected with your loved ones even when you disconnect from the rest of the world. Image: Courtesy goTenna.

Don’t be fooled with its tiny size. The sleek, pocket-sized goTenna Mesh pairs up with your Android or iOS devices, and keeps you connected with you group when you decide to venture off grid! It works even with no cellular service, and uses Bluetooth-LE to pair up with a smartphone, allowing you to share messages and your live location info instantly within a range of upto 6.4 km.

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

Travel gadgets for 2022
A dangling tree house for your next adventure, anyone? Image: Courtesy Tentsile Connect.

Now explore the great outdoors in a makeshift tent that comes with great comfort. Tentsile Connect Tree Tent 3.0 easily accommodates two people and combines the comfort of a hammock with the safety of a tent! Fold-away doors, removable rain fly, and the option to connect with other similar tents to create a single suspended super-camp, makes this one ideal for the ultimate arboreal camping gear!

VSSL Flask 

Travel gadgets for 2022
This flask multitasks while you unwind in the wild! Image: Courtesy VSSL.

Ever heard of a flask that doubles as a flashlight! Well, welcome to the future with VSSL Flask, an uber cool multifunctional container perfect for adventure enthusiasts. Take along your part flashlight, part booze flask to your next glamping adventure in the midst of wilderness. It can hold up to 300 ml of your favourite tipple, includes two collapsible shot cups, a bottle opener, a compass, and an LED flood beam flashlight.

Spectacles V2

Travel gadgets for 2022
Snapchatters, look super cool while recording the best moments of your trips. Image: Courtesy Spectacles.

If you are looking for a cool pair of sunglasses, your search ends here. Spectacles V2 will not only make you look good and protect your eyes from the sun, but will also record videos all day long and even sync them to your Snapchat Memories! Take photos and 10-second video clips in high definition (even underwater) with your chic eyewear, which is splash-proof and comes with a case that doubles as a portable battery charger.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Travel gadgets for 2022
Do laundry on your trip was never this easy. Image: Courtesy Scrubba.

You are going to love Scrubba Wash Bag if you like your clothes clean and fresh even when on the move. Equipped with a flexible washboard, the lightweight pocket-sized wash bag lets you do your laundry in no time. Add 2-4 litres of water along with a bit of washing liquid and clean your clothes in less than three minutes!

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