The SAGA Experience in Gurgaon is bespoke dining in a league of its own

When Chef Atul Kochhar and Restaurateur Vishal Anand create something, you know it has to be done with panache. The SAGA Experience takes this luxury to the next level.
While at saga, you can't miss the tallest bar in the world, the fashionable servers and the exquisitely plated food
While at SAGA, you can’t miss the tallest bar in the world, the charming alfresco section, the fashionable servers, and the exquisitely plated food

A massive dining space spread over two levels and an alfresco section, SAGA: The Premium Indian Restaurant was not created with subtlety in mind. From servers sporting Raghavendra Rathore outfits to a nearly 40 feet high bar, radiance marries opulence in every corner of the place. 

Located on the Golf Course Road, the 200-seater restaurant lends itself to social distancing as it spreads across multiple levels and also boasts a charming alfresco section. Attention to detail is a guiding pillar at SAGA, where care has been taken to install a state of the art sound system (a first for any restaurant!). 

The space has been envisioned to transcend from a dining experience in the day to a high-energy bar at night, and even a place for concerts and DJs on weekends. 

Since opening its doors in February 2021, the brand has been synonymous with being created for the modern, classy, and reassured guest who seeks the ultimate experience in everything. SAGA turned out to be the launch of the year and was appreciated by connoisseurs, restaurateurs, and critics alike.

The butter chicken ball is just one of many bespoke creations that are part of the saga experience as curated by chef atul kochhar
The Butter Chicken Ball is just one of many bespoke creations that are part of The SAGA Experience as curated by Chef Atul Kochhar

The magical, surreal ambience plays out almost like a culinary museum, with SAGA storytellers always around to take you through the true history of the place. Even the exquisite handcrafted menu by Chef Atul Kochhar features detailed trivia about the stylish food in front of you, making it a wholesome experience. 

While the tallest bar and existing gourmet menu were certainly the cornerstones of the restaurant, the SAGA Experience is now here to drive it to newer heights. The fine dining experience is soaked in romance and style, which paired with Champagne against a gorgeous intimate setting is luxury redefined.

As Anand says “SAGA is about class. And The SAGA Experience is about everlasting memories.” With the experience priced quite steeply at INR 40,000 per couple, it may very well be a bespoke dining experience that remains etched in your memory and bank account.

The usual menu is distinctly split into entrees, Indian curries with accompaniments, and desserts. A key note is that each story has a story behind it, with the menu largely being a confluence of historic yet modern Indian food. While each dish is delicious in its own right, you cannot afford to miss Dal Moradabadi, Maa Makhani, Murg Makhani Sangam, Crab Millagu, and Dum Biryani. 

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Scallops with textures of cauliflower, as presented at the saga experience
Scallops with Textures of Cauliflower, as presented at the SAGA Experience

At SAGA, there’s equal emphasis placed on the cocktails and other beverages that will accompany the food. Of their 16 signature cocktails, quite a few feature Indian flavour profiles. You could opt for something refreshing like The Maratha Palace, Maharaja Sour, Amalaka, Dakshin, or simply leave your fate up to the expert bar’s special recommendations.

For Chef Kochhar, it’s always been about making the most of seasonal and locally available ingredients. He believes it truly reflects the essence of Indian cooking. While currently in India, the two Michelin star chef has curated a special winter menu full of freshness and nutrition at SAGA. 

“We’re ready to warm you with our comforting hotpots, stews, curries & live grills, along with sun soaked winter lunches and sundowners, there’s something special for everyone” he adds.

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