The perfect detox juices for the monsoon

Dr Manoj Kutteri, CEO & Medical Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre, suggests some detox juices to help you rejuvenate over the monsoon season.
Dr manoj kutteri, ceo & medical director, atmantan wellness centre, suggests a few detox juices perfect for the monsoon season.
Dr Manoj Kutteri, CEO & Medical Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre, suggests a few detox juices perfect for the monsoon season.

After the tropical summer heat and dust, the monsoon definitely comes as a welcome change. As Mother Nature recoups with rains, the monsoon season becomes a period of rejuvenation for us. However, the monsoon also invites a great deal of infections and other related illnesses. The humidity and dampness form a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents.

The most common illnesses that are seen during the monsoon are respiratory infections (common cold, sore throat, sinusitis, cough and pneumonia), malaria, dengue fever, typhoid and cholera. The rainy season also provides room for many fungal infections of the organs including skin and hair. A healthy and active immune system is essential for fighting the monsoon illnesses and to maintain a healthy and strong body. Some magical herbs and spices can come to the rescue, including basil, turmeric, ginger, lime, cinnamon and licorice.

Dr Manoj Kutteri, CEO & Medical Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre, suggests three detox juices that are perfect to ward off these monsoon illnesses. Just take all the ingredients mentioned and blend, and your juice is ready.

Some detox juices for the monsoon from atmantan wellness centre.
Some detox juices for the monsoon from Atmantan Wellness Centre.

The ultimate detox shot

Lime juice, ginger, 2-3 cloves garlic (steamed or raw), and a small green chilli blended with one glass of water and slightly sweetened with honey. Vitamin C in the lime helps to boost immunity and offers protection from many of the monsoon-borne infections. Ginger and chilli help to maintain the body heat and also ensure digestion is optimum. Garlic helps to boost the immune system and is one of the best things to prevent and treat infections. Including garlic in your daily diet can help you fight cold, flu and other monsoon-related disorders.

The purple power

Apple, beetroot, carrot, ginger and tulsi leaves. This is one of the tastiest juices one can have during the monsoon which also comes with a ton of health benefits. Apple, beetroot and carrot as a combination works very well in giving a storehouse of antioxidants to our body. It contains high levels of nitric oxide which is cardio protective and helps to keep the blood pressure in check and provides protection to our blood vessels. Ginger is an excellent digestive herb which also helps to improve our immunity. Tulsi has numerous medicinal properties and is used as an adjuvant therapy for many disorders. Since monsoon is the period where our respiratory system gets attacked by infections, it is a must to consume tulsi to prevent or treat a range of lung disorders such as cough, cold, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc.

Anti-inflammatory juice

Tomatoes, coriander leaves, curry leaves, raw turmeric and licorice. Tomatoes are easily grown during the monsoon and contain high levels of vitamins C, K, and many essential antioxidants such as lycopene, etc., which help protect the body from common monsoon-related ailments. Curry leaves also contain high levels of Vitamin C that are essential for boosting immunity and are also high in good calories. Turmeric is one of the herbs that has the highest anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is an antidote for many of the monsoon illnesses including asthma, cough, allergies, running nose, rheumatism, sinusitis, etc. Licorice is a respiratory friendly herb and is best suited for use in the monsoon. It is beneficial in people with asthma, bronchitis, throat irritation or chest colds with coughs or problems in breathing.

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