The iconic Sly Granny comes to the shores of Goa

Following established community spaces in Delhi and Bangalore, Azure Hospitality now brings Sly Granny to Goa as The Tereza Beach House.
Since its launch in 2015, sly granny has now established itself across delhi, bangalore, and goa.
Since its launch in 2015, Sly Granny has now established itself across Delhi, Bangalore, and Goa.

As if Goa wasn’t thrilling and scandalous enough, the shores of India’s favourite party destination are about to get wilder! Thanks to Azure Hospitality, the innovative brand Sly Granny is now set to arrive in its Tereza Beach House avatar. 

The menu whilst keeping the eccentric persona in mind, has been curated to suit the gradually globalising palate in Goa. Chef Utkarsh has taken utmost care for local ingredients and culinary traditions.

The seaside space is a haven in terms of respite from Goa’s otherwise bustling crowd. Set in lesser-known (to tourists) Nerul, the beautiful ocean view restaurant and bar is ideal for a sundowner, replete with cocktails that come fast and thick.

Sly Granny celebrates the life of a wicked, smart, wise, eccentric, polymath Granny. A polyamorous phenom with varied gastronomical interests, prohibition-era cocktails, and a bunch of well-selected wines for urban dwellers and other creatures of the night. Founded in 2015, the food offerings feature European tapas and global cuisine for those with a discerning palate. They have established successful stints in community houses and outposts across Delhi’s famous Khan market and on a rooftop in the tree-lined lanes of Indiranagar Bangalore. Now, it’s Goa’s turn to get their fill! 

With food that good looking against the roomy interiors of sly granny, goa's about to get glammed up.
With food that good looking against the roomy interiors of Sly Granny, Goa’s about to get glammed up.

The restaurant’s eponymous Granny is known for her fondness of culture. So it’s natural that she hosts her very own philosophy club called the ‘mind manifesto society’ a few times a year. That aside, there’s also the Granny’s Parlour, which is a way for her friends to get behind the bar and host an event, raise funds for charitable causes, etc.

The duo responsible behind Azure Hospitality and Sly Granny coming to Goa are entrepreneurs Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna. Founded in 2010, the team continues to maintain their reputation of creating fun food and beverage concepts at extraordinary value by expanding their footprint. 

The men here boast an impressive portfolio, and clearly seem to know what they’re doing. Kabir Suri spent three years working in operations and business development for Zuma and Roka, spearheading global expansion and brand development.

Rahul Khanna meanwhile is a graduate of École hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, holding a degree in International Hospitality Management. Rahul went on to work with Mandarin Oriental and Jumeirah, in London, Hong Kong, and Dubai respectively, developing his expert knowledge on the creation of design-oriented food and beverage concepts. It was in 2008 that they moved to India to launch Azure, and the rest is history.

A meal at sly granny is incomplete without great dessert. The menu has been curated keeping local culinary traditions and produce in mind.
A meal at Sly Granny is incomplete without great dessert. The menu has been curated keeping local culinary traditions and produce in mind.

Currently, Brand Chef Clyde Jude is executing the everyday operations and overlooking the up and running of the restaurant. Given the legacy like status of the food served up here, there’s a lot of good natured anticipation and hype to live up to.

Talking about the expansion, Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna say, “Our vision has always been to take our brands into local communities and neighbourhoods, give them quality, a fun, and young experience, and put smiles on our customers. Goa has been particularly dear to us given its unique history, epic beauty, people, and traditions, and we are humble, excited to be able to serve it with our trademark azure style of hospitality”

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