10 great breakfast spots to kick-start your day in Goa

Slay your dream Goa vacay (or residence) with this curation of the best breakfast spots

As the saying goes, eat your breakfast like a king. And trust us, with all of these breakfast spots in Goa, your palate is definitely going to be treated like royalty. Being an exotic vacation spot and renowned for some great food, there’s a lot of pressure on the state to cater to culinary expectations. 

So when it comes to breakfasts, the state delivers and how. From traditional Goan dishes to some deliciously authentic European fare, we get that a new day means a new food mood. And if our stomachs want what it wants, who are we to deny it? Add these places to your Goa itinerary, you’ll thank us later! 

Toro Toro

Located at baga creek, there's great views to go along with a breakfast for legends here!
Located at Baga creek, there’s great views to go along with a breakfast for legends here!

Honestly, nothing screams good breakfast than one with a view. This riverside restaurant’s menu might seem small, but delivers big, bold flavours you won’t forget anytime soon. Nestled in Baga creek, the joint delivers everything your dream breakfast could comprise. There’s freshly-squeezed juice to whet the appetite, an array of egg options, milkshahes, mutton kheema (for those who like a meaty start to their day!) and so much more. The undeniable highlight of the menu will have to be the Goan breakfast platter, with local poi, chorizo, potatoes, bacon, and a sunny side up. Vegetarians, fear not, for the buttery spinach on toast with garlic and decadent French toast is going to be a revelation. Honestly, we’ve got nothing to complain about! 

Kenny’s Breakfast Place  

This hole in the wall breakfast joint is definitely one of the delights goa has to offer. Image: kudihighonlife
This hole in the wall breakfast joint is definitely one of the delights Goa has to offer. Image: KudiHighOnLife

What’s a good breakfast spot in Goa that offers the comfort of a morning meal all day? Kenny’s Breakfast Place, of course! Run by a Goan couple, the place promises an excellent array of dishes that patrons often swear by. The stellar English Breakfast is definitely high up on the menu, comprising classic components like sausages, eggs, baked beans etc. The airy pancakes too are a huge hit with the crowds. These stacks of happiness come topped with strawberries, blueberries, chocolate sauce and the works.


Celebrating farm-to-table in its truest form, verandah is a breakfast cum brunch place for all in goa!
Celebrating farm-to-table in its truest form, Verandah is a breakfast cum brunch place for all in Goa!

Owned by Meghana and Matt, former corporates turned food loving entrepreneurs, this hillside gem is a must visit for breakfast with a glass of liquor lovers. The restaurant is a seamless blend of a gin joint with a pizzeria and bakery, all while staying organic. Seat yourself under a canopy of trees with a backdrop of mellow jazz ringing through the air for some excellent vibes. To top it all, the cafe comes paired with its own organic garden, celebrating ‘farm-to-table’ in its truest sense.


In the picturesque back lanes of Anjuna, discover Kava’s exquisite breakfast options at Fairfield by Marriott. The minimal and clean aesthetics are the perfect backdrop to enjoy what can only be described as a feast. With a ‘Round the Clock’ menu, you can enjoy simple delights like the Kava Club Sandwich, or the Grilled Chicken Breast with an assortment of delicious sides. The pastry chef has also ensured the meal rounds up with the best of the best, featuring desserts like the Bruni Rolls, which is a brownie coated in decadent chocolate sauce. Pro Tip: Add your favourite selection from their extensive bar menu and make it a brunch! 


Nothing like sunshine on your plate and books by your side for breakfast in goa
Nothing like sunshine on your plate and books by your side for breakfast in Goa

What makes Artjuna almost imperative on any Goan breakfast list is the holistic experience it offers. A delightful garden cafe set in an old Portuguese house, Artjuna stays true to its name in terms of offering an artsy vibe. There’s no guilt with generously devouring their all-day breakfast menu, thanks to the health-conscious curations. The fruits and seasonal veggies are sourced locally, making for refreshing juices. Of course, the all-day breakfast menu and healthy Middle Eastern offerings are the star of the show here. Alongside generous helpings of it all, there’s also a huge (and multilingual!) collection of books. Talk about food for thought.

Aunty Maria

Breakfast just doesn’t feel complete without some well brewed coffee. Housed inside Hotel Fidalgo, Aunty Maria is a little coffee shop that serves up quite a few options for a perfect breakfast in Goa. Drop by for mouthfuls of their fluffy omelettes (made with three eggs or whites). There’s also the Super Combo, that’s packed with mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes and mozzarella. Apart from waffles and pancakes, they also serve up sandwiches that come in desi flavours like chicken tikka and veg seekh kebab. Talk about scrumptious!

Greenspace Bistro 

As eco-tourism picks up across Goa alongside wellness eating, Greenspace Bistro is all about the organic. A pet-friendly eatery to boot, the space encourages guests to leave their devices aside and soak in the tranquillity of the present. Using locally-sourced ingredients, tuck into some Napolitano artisanal pizzas, burgers, dumplings, and smoothies alongside a helping of great conversations. To add to the pluses, their commitment towards the environment shines through in eco-friendly cutlery like bamboo straws, etc.

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Mr. Baker 1922

It's been a century this year for this special breakfast spot and bakery at the heart of goa's culinary affairs
It’s been a century this year for this special breakfast spot and bakery at the heart of Goa’s culinary affairs

Standing strong for a proper century now, this Goan institution is integral to Goa’s breakfast spots. Started by Vincent Vaz out of his Mapusa home, Mr. Baker 1922 moved to its current brick-and-mortar space opposite Panaji’s Municipal Garden in the ‘70s. Staying true and authentic to its roots, they offer oven-fresh bakes like sausage pies, mutton pattices, potato chops, spinach and cheese croquettes, etc. The highlight of this vintage bakery is their prawn recois and velvety bebinca. Currently run by Nenette, the added burst of first-rate hospitality and warmth make this a winning favourite! 

Lila Cafe

Located near Baga river, the Lila Cafe is quite a popular breakfast destination in Goa. Run by a German couple, the restaurant is known for its delicious sandwiches, pies, croissants and piping hot strong coffee. Once there, don’t miss out on the comforting and oozy cheese-ham omelette, complemented to perfection by a glass of fresh watermelon juice. Or a filter coffee, if you’re getting over a true Goa style night! 

Baba au Rhum

Except for tuesdays, breakfasts at baba au rhum are designed to transcend into brunches, and even later evenings
Except for Tuesdays, breakfasts at Baba au Rhum are designed to transcend into brunches, and even later evenings

This French cafe named after the pastry drenched in rum syrup is renowned for leaving a rather heady effect on their patrons. Set on a wooden terrace that overlooks a bamboo grove, the popularity of the joint shows in their long breakfast wait lists. While the menu is a culinary trip around the world, the stars of the show are arguably the French, Greek and Mediterranean breakfast options. Placing great emphasis on slow-cooking and handmade ingredients wherever possible, the restaurant’s efforts shine through in their delicious bread and cheese. We’d definitely recommend the Vietnamese Iced Coffee, crostinis, and anything on bread! 

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