10 of Assagao’s best restaurants and cafes

Avoid the hassle of deciding where to eat next. When in Assagao, here are 10 of the best restaurants and cafes to check out!

Quaint with a hint of modern, busy whilst staying secluded. Assagao’s pretty much the sweet spot of your Goa experience.

Sometimes known as the ‘Land of Flowers’, Assagao is fast earning a glowing reputation. From locals to tourists, everyone’s queuing up to explore the exploding culinary space and aesthetic cafes. 

Its strategic location close to the happening beaches of Anjuna and Vagator make it the best of both worlds. Assagao is where the best of Goa’s heritage and modern ideals converge.

One of the most notable aspects of adding Assagao to your Goa itinerary is the chance to explore several new restaurants and cafes. The restaurants often serve anything from experimental South Indian, Goan, and global fare to a rising focus on organic and farm-fresh produce.

The restaurants in Assagao vary from fine-dine gourmet experiences to the most delightful little hole-in-the-wall cafes. You might even find some stashed away in beautiful Portuguese villas. Rest assured, several wholesome culinary adventures await!

Mum’s Kitchen, Maravilha Resort

Mum's kitchen is goa's favourite cafe while on the hunt for authentic flavours.
Mum’s Kitchen is Goa’s favourite cafe while on the hunt for authentic flavours.

Established in 1997, Mum’s Kitchen is Panjim’s favourite restaurant for authentic Goan cuisine. 25 years of legacy later, they’ve now opened their second location in Assagao and we couldn’t be more excited! 

The restaurant came to life when Suzette and Rony went searching for household recipes. After trying, sampling and collaborating with these gifted home chefs, they decided they’d do nothing but Goan food. From Chouris chilli fry, Cauliflower Caldeen, Pineapple Sukhem, Lepo Hooman to Pamplet Kodi with poi, it doesn’t get more flavourful than this.

The Project Cafe

Who would've imagined that 2022 would see us turning to assagao for some of the best chicken ramen?
Who would’ve imagined that 2022 would see us turning to Assagao for some of the best chicken ramen?

Located in the scenic backdrop of Assagao, all tree-laden roads lead to the 130-year-old mansion entitled Amalia. Here is where a team of strong women birthed the concept of The Project Cafe. The entire experience allows you to immerse yourself in design, art, food, ideate, collaborate and a lot more.

The restaurant is a separate part of the location, and is well-known for serving up some great hospitality besides their carefully curated menu. Items tend to lean towards fusion food, but you’ll find comforting flavours to suit the Indian palate for sure. There’s also some must-try worthy coffee here! 

Villa Blanche Bistro

With seafood looking so good, it's no wonder this eatery in assagao has people raving.
With seafood looking so good, it’s no wonder this eatery in Assagao has people raving.

As they proudly say, Villa Blanche Bistro is not just a place, it’s a vibe. Uncharacteristically quiet for a typical Goan eatery, this place is a haven for travellers looking to unwind.

Located in a heritage building, with mosaic paintings all over the calming blue walls, Villa Blanche is one of Goa’s many hidden gems. The menu features both German and Italian cuisines. A signature dish is definitely the lasagna, deliciously dripping with flavours. They also have an impressive array of desserts – from secret grandmother’s recipes to gluten-free options. Hard to find anything to fault, really.


Gunpowder give assagao's culinary scene some authentic south indian flavours.
Gunpowder give Assagao’s culinary scene some authentic South Indian flavours.

South Indian delicacies in Goa? Sure, why not. Assagao has you covered with Gunpowder, a fun location set in an old Portuguese building. It’s their rustic, laid-back vibe coupled with the authentic coastal food that makes it a must stop on your Goa trip. 

On the menu, you’ll find some of the best chicken curries, seafood preparations, and desserts. You’ll also find egg appam, malabar parottas and dosas in abundance. Gunpowder has its own boutique store that sells everything from high-end jewellery to exceptional garments and even home decor. Your wallets might leave lighter, but your full stomach and hearts will be worth it.

The Banyan

Nothing beats the confluence of good food and a great view, all of which you'll find at the banyan.
Nothing beats the confluence of good food and a great view, all of which you’ll find at The Banyan.

The restaurants in Assagao are beautiful, and The Banyan is no exception. Set up around a 300-year-old Banyan tree, the restaurant is aesthetic to a fault. There’s also a life-size wooden door with intricate carvings. 

The food here is great if you’re looking to explore authentic Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese flavours. Prepared using fresh produce, the kitchen is fittingly situated right next to the vertical garden. From traditional Thai boiled eggs to the tofu and vegetable mixture served on a banana leaf (Tofu Tangsuyuk), there’s everything classic and modern to discover here.

Vinayak Family Restaurant 

How delicious does this fish thali look? As much as one immediate ticket to assagao for sure.
How delicious does this fish thali look? As much as one immediate ticket to Assagao for sure.

If you’re thinking about classic restaurants that deliver on flavours, look no further than Vinayak Family Restaurant in Assagao. The place is exceptionally popular with tourists and locals alike, and everyone swears by the legendary fish thali. 

While lunch hours are the busiest and servers might be hard to catch hold of, the Batter Fried Calamari and Bombil Rava Fry is always worth it. The place has a well-stocked bar to keep you company as you order, and the stunning view of some great fields.

Silly Souls Cafe

Set against a beautiful garden, this restaurant is a pleasant escape from the high-energy places one usually finds in goa.
Set against a beautiful garden, this restaurant is a pleasant escape from the high-energy places one usually finds in Goa.

If there’s a testament to the rapidly growing culinaryscape at Assagao, it’s Silly Souls Cafe. The restaurant is on the road to Vinayak Family Restaurant, and offers a completely contrasting vibe. A no-fuss garden-style eatery, this place should be on your itinerary for delectable Asian and European fare. 

Pork lovers will find delightful solace in the Shanghai pork, which is basically braised pork belly in fermented bean jam. There’s also the Penang or Massaman curry, which you can wash down with a few bottles of GBC’s new People’s Lager. Siesta vibes all the way!


Entitled the essential, this cocktail is one of many eccentric dishes you'll find at this unique fine-dine in assagao.
Entitled The Essential, this cocktail is one of many eccentric dishes you’ll find at this unique fine-dine in Assagao.

Not only did Suzie’s erupt in Assagao, they also decided to do things differently. The restaurant offers tourists a whimsical take on fine-dining. The attention to detail and processes here is off the charts, what with a different chef-curated menu every six weeks.

They champion seasonal ingredients, so you know your palates are in the best hands. Suzie’s is ideal for a special night, be it a date, family time, or something fun with friends. There’s very little to distract you from the five-course meal, except maybe the rustic chic aesthetics. Getting a table might be a bit of a challenge though, since it’s reservation only, and only for dinner at that.


The familiarity of artjuna with the beauty of assagao heritage at mojigao!
The familiarity of Artjuna with the beauty of Assagao heritage at Mojigao!

It’s green, it’s gorgeous, and it’s definitely breakfast served up gourmet style. The eco-village of Mojigao is located in the heart of Assagao and has a pretty iconic cafe on premises. 

The cafe is dotted with brass Nataraja statues, and is run by Artjuna in Anjuna. It’s also popular as a vegan spot, but the menu’s pretty extensive and undoubtedly delicious.  and a particular favourite of the vegans among us. You can opt for one of their fresh croissants and a fresh fruit smoothie, or go a little extra with pancakes, an Artjuna signature set breakfast, and so much more. 


From candolim in 2002 to morjim and then assagao in 2019, sublime is easily one of the most loved restaurants in the state.
From Candolim in 2002 to Morjim and then Assagao in 2019, Sublime is easily one of the most loved restaurants in the state.

Sublime moved to Assagao in 2019, having made a name for itself at Candolim and Morjim previously. Considered one of the best restaurants in Goa for decades now, the place owes a bit of their legacy to Chef Chris Saleem. Everything from their beef carpaccio to the pumpkin mash, the choriz sausage broths and any kind of fish has patrons grinning ear-to-ear. Their new menu promises more treats for the palate, featuring dishes like crab and corn chowder. There’s also the chef’s take on miso fish to look forward to, and we can’t wait! 

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