The Geniusly Sweet Collection is an indulgent mix of India’s favourite mithai and biscuit

Bombay Sweet Shop and Parle-G present the Geniusly Sweet Collection, a first-of-its-kind partnership.
Parle g and bombay sweet shop come together to create the unique new geniusly sweet collection.
Parle G and Bombay Sweet Shop come together to create the unique new Geniusly Sweet Collection.

It’s like a dream come true for dessert lovers in India. The country’s favourite biscuit and mithai have come together in a mithai-inspired sweet collection! 

Parle-G, India’s beloved biscuit brand partners with Bombay Sweet Shop, India’s favourite new-age mithai shop to create the Geniusly Sweet Collection.

The ritual of dunking the unassuming Parle-G in a glass of steaming milk or tea is perhaps as old as time. This simple biscuit, filled with the goodness of milk and wheat, is at the centre of so many nostalgia-laced stories. Given that tea time at most Indian homes is incomplete without this staple glucose biscuit, this collaboration with Bombay Sweet Shop brings it full circle to the end of a meal as well! 

Through the Geniusly Sweet Collection, they’ve recreated the sweet struggle of slurping out the last bits of Parle-G’s mushy crumbs pooled at the bottom of the cup. The unique association brings together legacy and innovation, which features limited-edition treats that promise unlimited joy. 

The parle fudge as featured in the bombay sweet shop x parle g - geniusly sweet collection.
The Parle Fudge as featured in the Bombay Sweet Shop x Parle G – Geniusly Sweet Collection.

Expect the comfort of tea time and the magic of mithai, mixed and moulded to create 100% vegetarian sweet offerings. Staying true to their ethos of recreation, Bombay Sweet Shop is presenting this much-loved childhood favourite biscuit in two unique and delightful mithai-inspired creations – namely the Parle-G Fudge and Chai Biscuit Choco Barks. 

While nothing could top the original way of eating Parle-G, the creative minds at Bombay Sweet Shop have found a whole new way to enjoy this iconic biscuit. The decadent Parle-G Fudge featured in this Geniusly Sweet Collection is made with 55% dark chocolate ganache. The fudge is laced with chunks of Parle-G biscuit and crunchy, almond-hazelnut praline. It is then enveloped in a nostalgia-filled Parle-G peda, finally topped with a buttery cashew tuile and Parle-G biscuit.

The Chai Biscuit Choco Barks are a version of Bombay Sweet Shop’s immensely popular Choco Butterscotch Barks. Combined with the innocuously delicious Parle-G, it’s somehow an even more perfect version of the original bark. The dark chocolate is layered with silky butterscotch chai spice caramel and Parle-G. It’s topped with roasted almonds, sea salt and some chocolate-coated Parle-G. This indulgent brittle comes loaded with crunch and nostalgia – geniusly sweet, isn’t it?

The chai biscuit choco barks as featured in the bombay sweet shop x parle-g - geniusly sweet collection.
The Chai Biscuit Choco Barks as featured in the Bombay Sweet Shop x Parle-G – Geniusly Sweet Collection.

Much like their previous collections, Bombay Sweet Shop has stuck to its guns of reinterpreting traditions that magnify India’s sweet diversity. This particular association with the legendary Parle-G is the ultimate tribute to all our childhood memories. A perfect union of the classic and contemporary, this collection brings to you old-fashioned sweetness in a whole new avatar. 

The boxes definitely make for a thoughtful, indulgent gift for a loved one or a cheeky nostalgia-filled sugar rush for oneself! It’s currently available for sale in select cities, on Bombay Sweet Shop’s website, and of course, at their flagship store in Byculla.

With presence across food categories like biscuits, confectionary, snacks, rusk, cake and staples, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and superior taste. An in-depth understanding of the Indian consumer psyche has helped Parle develop a marketing philosophy that reflects the needs of the Indian masses. 

When combined with the mithai-making prowess of Bombay Sweet Shop, this has resulted in the Geniusly Sweet Collection. An unmissable, delicious, and nostalgia-filled bite is guaranteed every single time. 

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