The Burrow BKC, Mumbai: Meet jackfruit steak, Parle-G cocktail and the juiciest lamb tacos ever!

Your palate will thank you for choosing The Burrow BKC in Mumbai! Besides its innovative luscious recipes, the modern European restaurant serves single-portion plates perfect for solo diners and a private dining room for those informal work-lunch meetings for the office goers…there’s more, we spill it all here.

Inside the burrow, the newly opened modern european restaurant in bkc. Image: the burrow, bkc.
Inside The Burrow, the newly opened modern European restaurant in BKC. Image: The Burrow, BKC.

As a diner, the first few minutes – from entering to taking quick glances around – inside a restaurant are crucial. The clock in your head keeps ticking before you finally nod to yourself if the space is inviting enough. Now ‘inviting’ could mean different things to different people. The first air of comfort. Stunning interiors. Seats that you don’t want to switch the moment you sit. Music worthy of Shazam’ing’. And anything else that stands out. At The Burrow BKC, a lot of these boxes were checked in my first five minutes inside the newly minted restaurant in Mumbai, a passion project of founder Yashasvi Modi, a young restaurateur and chef who started her career with Taj Hotels. 

A sundry special elements have been thoughtfully weaved into The Burrow that make it precisely what it is named, a ‘burrow’ where trickling daylight meets unhurried moments of leisure and palate-surprising food, the two most important things on the menu here. 

A solo diner’s dream 

Cocktail at the burrow bkc. Image: the burrow.
Cocktail at The Burrow BKC. Image: The Burrow.

I am often clouded with the concern of being presented with overwhelming quantities of food at restaurants that I might later struggle to finish all on my own. At The Burrow BKC, the tables turned in my favour when Modi told me, what has to be the most solo diner-friendly thing ever, about their pre-plated, single-portion menu available throughout the day. “A lot of places I’ve gone to – if I order a drink and a starter, I’m full. But I don’t want to be neither do I want to waste the food. So we tried to create a menu with tiny portions across appetisers, mains, desserts.”

For a perfect working solo brunch, you can go for their bacon and mint pea soup or the classic mushroom cappuccino paired with mozzarella sticks and light mains like pan seared eggplant, pumpkin ravioli, Shepard’s pie amongst others. 

The Burrow BKC mirrors a sophisticated character of a quaint fine-dine in a Europe, and its menu is fittingly laden with a host of modern European dishes including a mix of classics like artisanal pasta that is in fact a product of creativity from Modi’s own kitchen, tacos, fish and chips, gnocchi and varieties of sliders.  

My tastebuds were bowled over by two truly exciting dishes, recommended by Modi – birria pulled lamb tacos and jackfruit steak. Plated up in just the ideal portions, each fare was an exploration of flavours, exacting but eclectic. The pulled lamb felt like the meatier version of cheese made with the rest of stuffing at its juiciest best. And for vegetarians and vegans, who’ve always heard much about steaks, but never experienced it, the jackfruit steak seasoned with fiery jerk sauce on top is a discovery worth devouring.  

Sauciest sauces 

Image: the burrow, bkc.
Image: The Burrow, BKC.

For me while food and drinks have their place on the menu, but what pulls it all together is our in-house sauces, declares Modi. “I’ve made sure everything on the menu has some kind of a sauce to go with it. There’s one dish in particular, called Grilled Fish Pomme Puree with orange beurre blanc sauce that I’ve been making for seven years now,” she reveals.  

From hot sauce, cheese sauce, garlic sauce, pepper sauce, apricot sauce, mint chutney and more, there’s a sauce for every palate at The Burrow BKC. 

What’s more at The Burrow BKC? 

The burrow bkc is the perfect haunt for solo gourmands as well as group diners. Image: the burrow.
The Burrow BKC is the perfect haunt for solo gourmands as well as group diners. Image: The Burrow.

The Burrow BKC, the closest neighbour to the locale’s other acclaimed restaurant Tresind stands wrapped up in a clear glass façade in the front, evoking a rather distinct, contemporary demeanour for itself. Right at the entrance, an ‘instagrammable’ corner with a large Victorian-style mirror along with a pair of high-back chairs establishes its first characters of European influences, dotted with a beautiful mood lighting and a singular bare red-brick pillar.  

Located in the industrial nexus, the restaurant also houses a private dining room, or PDR, made especially to host working lunches that doubles as a dining corner as well as a board room for informal work-lunch meetings for 12 to 15 people.  

Subtle theatrics, meaningfully sectioned spaces, food that you can remember on your next visit and drinks that are as playful as they are inventive, there’s a thread of comforting newness that translates the experience at The Burrow BKC. 

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