New private jet itineraries by TCS World Travel to take you around six continents

TCS World Travel is back with spanking new all-inclusive international trips by private jet for its 2023 roster.
Tcs world travel
TCS World Travel has launched its 2023 schedule full of unique global itineraries! Image: Courtesy TCS World Travel.

Award-winning luxury tour operator and private jet expedition company, TCS World Travel, recently announced its highly anticipated 2023 schedule of global journeys. The list presents a wide range of world-class experiences across six continents, debuting its largest number of group jet expeditions in a single year to meet the unprecedented demands.

“The pent-up demand for travel is like nothing we have seen before. In 2023, we have added five departure dates alone for our Around the World itinerary and eight other unique journeys,” said Shelley Cline, president of TCS World Travel. “Those who join us on these extraordinary trips will benefit not only from our team’s decades of experience leading private jet expeditions but also from our learnings during the successful operation of the weeks-long, multi-country jet expeditions that we have executed in the last few months.”

 Each of the nine exclusive itineraries let you travel aboard a private luxury aircraft, including the company’s brand new custom-configured A321neo. Configured for 52 guests, the new jet ensures both comfort and privacy, and comes with custom-made leather flatbed seats with an advanced electric recline system and extra-large lavatories with full-length mirrors. The 18-member staff onboard, including a dedicated chef and a physician, will take care of your every whim.

Global itineraries
Hop on a luxury private jet that takes you around the world. Image: Courtesy TCS World Travel.

In addition to the company’s flagship Around the World expedition by private jet, the all-inclusive itineraries include a newly introduced trip to discover the hidden wonders of Asia; a once-in-a-lifetime exploration of lesser-known UNESCO World Heritage sites across Africa, South America and the Arabian Peninsula; a cross-continent pursuit of the world’s most magnificent animals and cultural wonders; and an epic tour of the South Pacific that includes an encounter with marine life at the Great Barrier Reef.

Each of TCS World Travel’s nine expeditions is all-inclusive of private flights, best-available accommodations, ground transportation, dedicated staff and guides, dining, exclusive sightseeing options, and special events. Here’s what these around-the-world private jet itineraries have to offer:

Around the World: A Luxury Tour by Private Jet

December 29, 2022 – January 21, 2023 | 24 Days | 52 Guests

The TCS World Travel’s flagship journey offers a life list of iconic destinations in a single itinerary. Fly by custom-configured private jet to explore eleven of the world’s most legendary places and natural wonders.

Golf Around the World: In Partnership with Kalos Golf

January 27 – February 17, 2023 | 22 Days | 48 Guests

From the remote landscapes of Tasmania to the bustling cultural center of Marrakech, this journey takes you to some of the finest courses in the world. In between rounds, spend your time experiencing each exceptional destination and travel in style aboard a private jet.

World Less Traveled: A Luxury Tour by Private Jet

February 11 – 25, 2023 | 15 Days | 52 Guests

Explore emerging destinations across Africa, South America and the Arabian Peninsula on a new journey of discovery. Marvel at less-visited UNESCO Heritage sites in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, experience the infectious rhythms of Carnival in Salvador, and uncover the rich artistic and cultural heritage of coastal capitals like Dakar and Lomé, all while traveling aboard the customized private jet.

Private jet
Have a comfortable journey on flatbed seats onboard. Image: Courtesy TCS World Travel.

Ancient Crossroads of Asia and the Middle East

February 17 – March 11, 2023 | 23 Days | 48 Guests

Explore ancient civilisations and enduring cultures on a journey to some of the world’s most historic and treasured locales aboard the private jet.

Wildlife & Natural Wonders of the World: A Luxury Tour by Private Jet

April 15 – May 5, 2023 | 21 Days | 48 Guests

Travel in pursuit of some of the world’s most magnificent creatures and experience its breathtaking landscapes. Watch in awe as animals roam the African savanna and seek out the elusive Bengal tiger. Marvel at otherworldly rock formations of Cappadocia and delight in the endemic flora and fauna of Madagascar.

Best of Africa: A Luxury Tour by Private Jet

May 20 – June 10, 2023 (Waitlisted) | 22 Days | 52 Guests

Fly direct on the new, customised private jet, traveling the length and breadth of Africa to encounter incredible wildlife, marvel at the varied landscapes, and delve into the unique cultural wonders of eight diverse countries.

Family vacation
Plan your family vacation on a private jet with TCS next year. Image: Courtesy TCS World Travel.

Hidden Wonders of Asia: A Luxury Tour by Private Jet

June 12 – July 1, 2023 | 20 Days | 52 Guests

Encounter the beauty and diversity of Asia’s most breathtaking destinations. Discover the cultural wonders of Kyoto, uncover the modern heartbeat of Seoul and marvel at the unique animals of Malaysia’s tropical rainforest. Experience the majesty of Borobudur in Indonesia, cheer on the contestants at a high-altitude tribal polo match on India’s high plateau and search for treasures in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Wonders of the South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific by Private Jet

October 29 – November 20, 2023 | 23 Days | 52 Guests

Uncover the incredible diversity of the South Pacific on a journey that showcases the best of ten destinations across Oceania. Marvel at the rugged beauty of Queenstown and Australia’s remote Wolgan Valley, escape to idyllic Polynesian islands, explore premier wine regions, sample the many offerings of Sydney and Christchurch, and experience bucket-list destinations like Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.

Sun and Seascape: A Thanksgiving Getaway by Private Jet

November 20 – 26, 2023 | 7 Days | 52 Guests

This private jet expedition invites families to spend Thanksgiving in Costa Rica and St. Kitts. Paddle, snorkel and swim in both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea; explore forests teeming with biodiversity; or simply relax on sunny beaches. A Thanksgiving to remember awaits for travelers of all ages.

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