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By TravelDine

Habitas Alula

Luxury for the soul 

An immersive experience inspired by nature and the spirit of adventure 

The villas 

Sustainably designed to embrace the natural surroundings of the Ashar Valley 

Celestial Villa 

Dramatic sunset vistas 

Alcove Villa 

Close-up views of the sandstone canyons 

Canyon Villa 

Surrounded by cliffs and sprawling desert  


Discover AlUla's breathtaking landscape and natural wonders 

Adventure trail 

Eight kms long historical treasure site with clusters of ancient pictographs 


A unique dinner under the clear skies  

Camel riding & Sanam camp 

Experience traditional Bedouin culture: camel rides, folk dances and more

Buggies UTV guided tour 

An adrenaline-packed ride through the sandstone mountains 


Menus are soured from local farms surrounding AlUla 

Unique flavours 

The dishes infuse global and middle-eastern cuisines 

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