From Kochi to Jordan, Surreal Design Studio’s Ramadan installations are setting the festive mood!

Surreal Design Studio has created exquisite Ramadan installations at LuLu Mall, Kochi as well as across seven outlets of Zalatimo Brothers in Amman, Jordan.

Surreal Design Studio, South Asia’s leading outdoor decor studio has created an exquisite Ramadan installation art in the art town of Kochi. Standing true to its name – ‘The Ramadan Jewel’, the larger-than-life masterpiece stands tall at 25 feet, adorning the LuLu mall on the pious occasion.

Ramadan installation by surreal design studio at lulu mall kochi.
Ramadan installation by Surreal Design Studio at LuLu Mall Kochi.

With an authentic Islamic design, patterns, and motifs, reflecting the sacred geometry and artisanal excellence, ‘The Ramadan Jewel’ is a true epitome of the Islamic architecture. Large sacred motifs of the crescent moon and star have been partially hidden behind a latticed screen that amplifies the curiosity around this majestic view.

Strategic placement of lights brings the entire structure alive, accentuating the white, gold, silver and blue-coloured elements beautifully. While the amplified azure moon steals the show with its sheer size, colour, pattern and detailing, Arabic lanterns around the statement installation add drama and create an ambience of grandiose. 

Rahul Soni, Founder, Surreal Design Studio, said “Decor today is crucial for public spaces as it sets the right mood and installations become the nerve center of activities and campaigns. It becomes the converging spot for guests to interact and engage. We use public spaces to tell a story and take visitors on a journey of grandeur and aspirations. At Lulu Mall Kochi, we have been thorough in our execution with the ‘Ramadan Jewel’ and have ensured the highest standards of finishing and quality,”.

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The studio has also put these installation arts at seven of zalatimo brothers outlets in jordan.
The studio has also put these installation arts at seven of Zalatimo Brothers outlets in Jordan.

This Ramadan season, Surreal has also brought to life the Ramadan celebrations for Zalatimo Brothers across seven of their stores in Amman, Jordan. Their international Ramadan project is inspired by Jerusalem’s Islamic shrine ‘Dome of the Rock’. The installation encompasses the purity and richness of the monument in the theme. The crescent moon during Ramadan has a very significant symbolism, thus Surreal has created installations inspired by the beautiful crescent moon using mirror chips and glass crystals. The idea here is to create an enchanting and holy experience for shoppers.

Ameya Kankonkar, Co-founder, Surreal Design Studio, said, “Our designs are meant to transform spaces into highly imaginative experiences. Within the realm of public spaces, installations are a great way to draw crowds and ensure engagement. With this in mind, we at Surreal Design Studio, are constantly innovating with design and technology implementation to create enhanced experiences for our visitors in public spaces”

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