There is never a dull moment in the hospitality industry: Sonali Chauhan

If Sonali Chauhan had not been a hotelier, she would have joined the foreign services or the judiciary; but after taking the plunge, she has no regrets whatsoever.

As an alumna of one of India’s most reputed colleges, National Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Sonali Chauhan has had an inspiring career spanning almost two decades. She has worked with leading hospitality organisations in India and has earned a strong reputation for herself. Starting her career in guest service experiences and as an Assistant Manager at a global brand to leading as an Executive Assistant Manager at Taj Santacruz Mumbai, Sonali has had hands-on experience when it comes to opening of hotels, conceptualising departmental policies and service sequences and creating synergy between different departments. After a 13-year stint with global hospitality brands, Sonali joined IHCL 5 years ago to launch the company’s third luxury hotel in Mumbai: Taj Santacruz.

Prior to taking over as GM at The Connaught, Sonali was the Resident Manager at Taj Palace, New Delhi. Apart from assisting the General Manager in daily operations of the hotel, she was also responsible for Food & Beverage, Culinary, Rooms Division, safety & security and Engineering operations at the hotel. Entrusted with facilitating all head of state visits of Taj Palace, New Delhi, Sonali had a rewarding and intense tenure at the hotel. She showcased immense capabilities in crisis management across departments. With strong interpersonal and communication skills, Sonali has been actively involved in training. She has a flair for numbers, people and processes.

A strong believer in being only as good as one’s team, Sonali works towards keeping her team together and optimising their utmost potential. Known for her strategic acumen and in-depth knowledge of the hospitality business, she has played a key role in developing some hospitality initiatives and building brand positioning.

Sonali is also a horse rider and credits a great deal of her work acumen to her equestrian riding experiences. An enthusiastic team player with a penchant for people management, Sonali believes that problem solving in the workplace requires a calmer disposition, just as it does on the race course. Horse riding predisposes one to teamwork, says Sonali. A dedicated and devoted pet lover, Sonali has adopted and given a happy and safe life to many cats and dogs in Mumbai and in Delhi. The Connaught is a pet-friendly Hotel and Sonali takes both pride and interest in ensuring the comfort of the four-legged visitors as well!

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